Updated: 07/26/2010 09:23
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Today we are finally reviewing projects hotfoot. Both sites are working and can be still considered as investment opportunities. So let's see in short who is better and who is worse. Which project is more worthy of your money? According to EJC Instantunion ( is, offering 4% after 26 hours. The choice is controversial and rather doubtful as usually. Still it is high-yield online income, and it is possible as well.

Yet the point is such projects usually bring profit for a short period of time. Therefore investments should be made on the first day on the first hour. Afterwards risks grow in mathematical progression every day. You can count as follows: if program pays hourly, risks grow hourly, if it pays daily – risks become higher each day (100%+ profit return is meant), and so on. You can take note of this formula.

EJC experts considered Instantunion as more attractive in the category of investment plans, as they offer more logical and reasonable plans. Furthermore they have IP sensitivity detection on their site, that is why they win in terms of log in security features (though a few projects nowadays have SMS authentication or virtual keyboard).

As to general security standards nobody won as neither of the projects has SSL or DDoS. Besides short-term projects usually don't need DDoS, so I don't believe this is a big neglect. Just as the lack of “who is information”. And the site could be improved somehow. Only Instantunion ( did this and thus got a plus. The situation with Barclays Gain site ( is far from clear. Rather poorly clear. And finally it should be stated none of the projects has enough monitors and good support service. As the result in these categories projects also got few points. Yet it was decided on Instantunion (, the more so this project has been working for much less than Barclays Gain.

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