Updated: 08/10/2010 10:22
Hyip Monitor

Today we have two interesting projects to compare. They have deserved attention of EJC staff and now got our interest. I hope this comparison will help you make the right choice as is here for you not to lose. The first project is called They have been working for over 100 days offering 0.4% daily and have a wonderful presentation which can be viewed only if you have Adobe Flash Player installed. The second project,, has been online for about a month offering 1% daily. So which one is the best, which one is worth investing? The answers are below.

Fx-unlimited offers four plans starting with 0.4% daily. They also have weekly plan offering 14% to its investors. SS-invest has 4 plans as well yet they start with 1% profit up to 3%. Both programs accept minimum of $10. SS-invest is better in that case as its plans end faster (50 days against 150 day in

Both sites have IP sensitivity detection, but no pin code, SMS authentication, etc. Nobody wins when comparing website security features. Both sites have SSL and DDoS protection. There is also no winner when we talk about providing program’s data to WhoIs service.

is surely more practical and handier site. The more so many investors cannot open at all (I wonder how they managed to work for 100 days). SS-invest also has better referral program. Contact information is well performed on both sites. Besides traditional support form there is also Live Support. And though Fx-unlimited has more monitors, the winner of this race is

P.S. By the way one of Fx-unlimited numerous monitors already states the program as NOT PAYING. So if you like it more, think twice.


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