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Many inexperienced investors believe that all HYIPs that are advertised on popular HYIrelated websites are reliable and investing in them is riskless...

Many inexperienced investors believe that all HYIPs that are advertised on popular HYI-related websites are reliable and investing in them is riskless. Unfortunately, it is not necessarily true and any admin can advertise his program on any HYI-related website as long as he pays for ads. Therefore, the aim of this article is to prevent you from making deposits in obviously scam programs which you saw on some popular site.

For example, if you visited Talkgold forum, you might have noticed that there is a banner ad of a HYIP called HotEarn ( among others. If you are not new to HYIP industry, you will understand that this program is not worthy of your attention right after looking at its plans. However, many other people might be attracted by extremely high interest and think that they can make a lot of money and therefore invest. Just take a look at investment plans at 300% after 10 minutes! 800% after 1 hour! 2400% after 12 hours! 5500% after 1 day! 12000% after 2 days!

Besides, there is a $200 random bonus! Looks great, doesnt it? Im sure many of you are smiling looking at these unbelievable interest rates. And for those who arent I want to say: Offered interest rates are extremely high and no one is going to pay you profit! If you see some payment proofs on forums or some monitors showing a paying status, do not believe this information.

By the way, HotEarn also advertises other HYIPs on its website. You can see their banners on the left and it is written: If you are interested in purchasing banner advertising slots, Please contact. However, I dont believe that those HYIPs banners ended up at because they purchased banner advertising slots. It is most likely a chain of scam HYIPs created by one group of people. If you go to any of those programs websites, you will see even more unbelievable interest rates on some of them:

Fire-Forex ( 850% after 5 Minutes, 10750% after 1 hour, 25800% after 3 hours.
Robo-Money ( 250% after 10 minutes, 800% after 3 hours, 1400% after 10 hours, 2500% after 24 hours
Super-Investment ( 250% after 1 hour, 1200% after 4 hours, 3000% after 10 hours
Total-Invest ( 444% after 5 minutes, 2222% after 45 minutes, 8888% after 4 hours.

If you go to any of the above mentioned websites, you will see that they all advertise each other and they all offer unreal interest rates. The minimum deposit in all of them is affordable for everyone to risk. The chain of these scam HYIPs will also lead you to the following programs: Hot-Invest (, Cash-Motor (, Nice-Invest (

All these HYIPs have a Rate page with the same monitors!!! You can check it and compare for yourself, in such way you will also figure out which HYIP monitors you must not trust. Well, what is the conclusion? All named HYIPs can not be trusted! Those people who created a chain of these programs have done a smart move: they paid for banner advertising of one of their program on Talkgold and in such way they decided to attract investors to all their HYIPs (because they all advertise each other and once some person trusts Talkgold reputation and goes to which is advertised there, he will see all other programs of this chain).

We hope that you are reading this article now and that we can save some of investors money by publishing this article. Please, help us spread this information about scam programs. Inform your friends and other online investors about these HYIPs using your Twitter, Facebook or in any other way. Be careful!

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