Updated: 11/24/2010 12:20
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Yesterday was aproblematic but interesting day. Investors were outraged by impudence of CherryShares and were actively warning of the dangers and delays

Yesterday was an interesting day. It was problematic but interesting. Investors were outraged by impudence of CherryShares and were actively warning of the dangers and delays. We contacted Dominik Budlovsky and found out that the administration has really faced the problem with a lack of money at LibertyReserve. The administration of CherryShares apologizes and tries to process all payments within 72 hours not violating the treaty. Of course, the situation is tense, but not yet deadly. They promise to pay out everything.

Another project that drew everyone's attention yesterday was EarnPlaza. Obviously, EarnPlaza wants to replicate the success of UniteTrade and therefore found an active supporter Paul Abramson. He was surprised that someone had questioned the prosperous future of EarnPlaza. Indeed, the warning was announced by our agent too early. Of course, the unexpected closure is possible after the surprising shutdown of UniteTrade but if both projects are managed by the same team, then they can try to outdo the previous result and then we may well have a second sensation. That would be great considering the upcoming holidays. And if MNO is so concerned about the reputation of EarnPlaza, it might work out. So do not rush writing down EarnPlaza in the list of unrecommended projects. If we get some real signals of danger, we'll let you know about them.

Another top-project called SafeDepositary was asked an unpleasant question yesterday. One of our readers did not get paid. More precisely, according to the history of transactions the payment was processed but according to the balance on LR account it was never received. Such failures are quite common and if the administrator quickly solves them, then they do not turn into a problem. And we got a response right after contacting the administration. Firstly, Andrew Rad admitted that there were some failures. And secondly, they are ready to solve them. Hopefully, there will be no claim soon.


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