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It unexpectedly turned out that our observer is published every 2 weeks :) We planned to release it every week but it turned out that it is quite silly to talk about ourselves so often. There are many interesting things happening in our project but there are also a lot of more important things. Therefore, traditionally, the name and the concept of information material changes as the work advances and now you are reading a bi-weekly observer. So, what has happened at HYIPNews.com over the past two weeks?

The first and the most significant event is the nomination of HYIPNews.com in Supreme Online Awards and Ecommerce Journal Awards 2010. If you want to support our project, you don't have to leave our site, you can see both polls in the right column on the top. We are very grateful to all our readers for such active support and belief in us and our work. To be honest, we did not expect that in the first year of nomination we will be able to get such high valuation. We are very pleased with your trust and we will try to justify it.

Although voting is not over and it is too early to summarize. Of course, it is surprising for us that we were nominated as "Best Investment Monitoring" at SOA. Of course a nomination "Best e-commerce blog" is not less surprising but at least it is closer to our core concept. In both cases we were not asked to which category we classify our project and moreover we have not been informed about the nominations. The selection of participants is also questionable.

For example, negligence of the administrators of both polls has led to such fact that the magazine EcommerceTimes has still not placed the form for voting on its website. I do not know how many people visit it, however it is obvious that many of them do not read Ecommerce Journal where their favorite website is nominated. And because the admin of EcommerceTimes was probably not informed about the poll, it is quite possible that this project won't get an adequate number of votes. By the way, many readers have reported that they see: “The poll is over” and can not vote at Ecommerce-Journal. By the way, is it also unknown for how long the poll will last. In general, there are more questions than answers.

The second important event is that we provide our guests with the right to comment and create threads. Of course, we did not risk opening the entire forum for any visitor of the site but we decided that everyone should have the right to post testimonials and reports ( HYIP Forum (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant)), leave feedback about the programs or ask questions. In addition, we decided that we can get more information if our guests are also able to comment on the news ( HYIP Forum (previously, this link led to a forum, it is no longer relevant)) as well as registered members of the site. The topic Ask HYIPNews.com/HYIPNews.com Asks ( HYIP Forum (previously, this link led to a forum, it is no longer relevant)) is also available without registration.

Of course, we are concerned about the problem of spam and poor quality information. Therefore, at this stage the work is done in test mode. We have already started receiving valuable information from our visitors and are pleased with the early results. I hope you also appreciate the new level of accessibility of features on our site.

Having a daily audience of more than 1000 people, HYIPNews.com has never conducted polls. However, the information obtained in such way can help better understand the psychology of the ordinary online investors, find out about their preferences, concerns and wishes. Therefore, we decided to start this social work and added to the title of the section “Ask HYIPNews.com” two more words: HYIPNeews.com Asks. Now, in this section, you can always find public polls and the their results: HYIP Forum (previously, this link led to a forum, it is no longer relevant)

P.S. By the way, the system of numbering weeks that we used for the headlines of our observers is not quite correct. The current week is 48th and not 49th. We apologize for this mistake. Starting next year, records will be carried out properly.

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