Updated: 01/19/2011 15:14
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Yesterday we found some interesting programs:,, while preparing the "Be careful" column of our information survey. Such a set of programs seemed too good to be true. Then we saw and and we felt uneasy. Do you see the same that we see?

They are clearly clones of, a program that was closed almost immediately after the launch. All these programs in such a quantity can be aimed only at one thing: that someone will make a deposit in any of them. Anyway, the money will end up in the same hands. In any case, such a design and plans can hardly be pure coincidence. And how long do you think they will operate? Have scammers decided to launch the whole package of programs to check which one would survive and leave this program for future? The money received in UniteTrade have returned.

The projects are actively advertised and promoted, apparently by their creators. Please, offer me another way of taking such apparition and I will listen to you with pleasure. Should we invest $10 in each project in order to inform when they stop paying? How else can we help? After all, it is unknow who is the accomplice of these scammers. Who will benefit? We know that projects are not very amenable to advertising and surprisingly, these programs have gottten such an active advertising support in such a short period of time. Amazing things happen.

We welcome any comments and opinions.

Will we get in the way of scammers by publishing this article?

As far as I know, did not bring anyone profit. Some part of these projects will also be closed sooner or later. Investors are offered to play a guessing game on who is the strongest? :) Though it's not funny ...


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