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Today we want to discuss the two terms that are used while referring to those people who are engaged in highyield online investing. Personally, I...

Today we want to discuss the two terms that are used while referring to those people who are engaged in high-yield online investing. Personally, I think that any investor in the high-yield field is just an investor. Meaning the fact that he invests in HYIP does not change the main point he is an online investor in the high-yield field. However, this phrase is of course too long and inconvenient, therefore it is considered that there are two words, formed from abbreviation HYIP. They are HYIPee or HYIPer.

HYIPee or HYIPer . High-Yield Investment Programs Investor . This is someone who invests in high-yield investment programs. HYIPers can be one-time, regular or professional investors.

One-time investors are those who make a deposit just once in their life. Almost all one-time investors make a deposit and lose their money. That is, they invest in HYIP but get only some part of their deposit back or do not receive anything. One-time investor does not try to invest again and just leaves the HYIP industry. More than 50% of investors are one-time investors. Very few of the one-time investors leave the industry with profit.

Regular investors make deposits for a certain period and, accordingly invest more than once. There are much more of those who make profit among the regular investors. It can be explained by the simple fact: they get enough information to make successful choices more often by constantly keeping track of their investments as well as of the high-yield investments field.

Professional investors are bloggers and authors of monitors, who invest in a professional manner. Among professional investors you will find many of those who are considered to be HYIP promoters or Referral Sharks. Actually, HYIP promoter and Referral Shark are professional investors, it is all about motivation in this case. We mean that a professional investor is engaged in investing for investing, rather than additional profit made with the help of promotion or referral commissions. Professional HYIPer is a successful online investor by definition. What type of investor are you?

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