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In this section you will find all new programs appeared this week. Previously, we have published here only those programs that were announced on blogs, reviews or interviews. Here is a list of such programs over the last three days:

  • Actual-Bank (actual-bank.com) 40-65% daily or 105-125% after 1 day!
  • Helios Pay (heliospay.com) 105-125% after 1 day or 117-180% after 3 days!
  • No Risk Profit (noriskprofit.net) 106% after 1 day or 132% after 5 days!
  • Fast Capital (fast-capital.com) 117% after 5 days or 140% after 10 days!
  • Euro Funds Online (eurofundsonline.com) 105-125% after 1 day or 116-185% after 3 days!
  • Cyproreality (cyprorealty.com) 1.2-2.4% daily!

However, today we decided to go further and publish a list of all of the new programs that have appeared in the sphere of high yield investing. Of course, we have to work a lot, to have here the FULL list. Please note that today we offer you the unfiltered and unverified list. That is, we didn't analyze the sites of these programs and their investment offers. Perhaps, we'll do it later. For now we can only warn you that many of these programs will be closed in couple of days and they are placed in our review with evaluating and informational purposes only. This is not recommendation.

Diamond Take (diamondtake.com), Success Traders (success-traders.com), Gold Avenue (gold-avenue.com), Invincome (invincome.com), Goldplantrade (goldplantrade.com), Investment Trust (investment-trust.net), Adprofit2Share (adprofit2share.com), Crazy Cash (crazy-cash.info)

Ideas Profit (ideas-profit.com) – not paying
EarnVest (earnvest.com) – not paying
High Earn (highearn.net) – not paying
Silicon Valley Group (siliconvalleygroup.biz) – not paying
Jackson - Traders (jackson-traders.com) – not paying
FMX Co (fxmco.com) – not paying
4 FI (fxmco.com) – not paying

As you can see all these programs are in not paying status. It is a really bad sign, indeed. Anyway, some of them are usually getting back to normal within a few or even one day. In any case, if your program has solved all problems till our next survey – please tell us about it and we will change the information.

Good News.

It is a really big pleasure to tell you a good news. Today we have got another two programs which have solved their problems. Lion Funds Inc (lionfunds.net) and FXsure (fxsure.com) companies are back to the stable positions and keep paying. Anyway be careful, because the Lion Funds Inc is still accused of selective payments and the latest news about this, we wrote today. Nevertheless, the number of monitoring sites with the status NOT PAYING become lower. What would it mean? Looks like, it's simply a fraud. That is why, once again we urge our readers who know anything about the situation in LionFunds, send us the information in any suitable way.

Inpladofinance (inpladofinance.com) has announced that due to the technical maintenance on the server of its hosting provider (BlackLotus) there can be possibility that on 31 May site may be unavailable. From 6:00PM U.S. Pacific till 11:59PM U.S. Pacific. There is no need to panic it is a standard procedure.

Administration of LucrativiaFund has done great work to communicate with clients in social media. Now you may follow this program on twitter, facebook and blogspot. As we can see the program's admin is really trying to communicate with clients and I must admit that his person is really intelligent.

Gulf Reserve (gulfreserve.com) finally has an option to invest with the help of credit cards. Anyway if you want to invest with the help of CC in short term plan (105% within 5 days) you have to know that because of AlterPay low speed of money transfers(7-14 days) the life term of such plan will be automatically upgraded from 5 days to 7-10 days. You may take a look at the exact date in your member's area.

Perfectemoney (perfectemoney.net) has announced about new bonus on this week. It will be additional 6% to each deposit that has been made on this week. If you want to have your reward, please contact the support for the details. Looks like this method of additional earning is quite popular among the investors if the company continues to spend money on it;)

Agents Reports and Readers Questions.
Earlier, on HYIPNews.com we did regular editions of answers to investors' questions. Now, unfortunately, we fail to carry out such publications on a regular basis and we respond to our readers by mail, LIVE support, without making of individual publications. However, often they contain very useful information, so from today we will publish something in our informational reviews.

the most frequent questions are – is it possible to invest in this or that project. Or, what project is worth of investing. For example, last question: "what do you know about trendica.net?"

We know that we started evaluating these guys on May 27. They had around 11 monitoring sites and Live Support. Live Support is not working until now. And suddenly all statuses turned out to be Problem. The start was obviously unfortunate for the program. However, some monitoring sites have already changed the status to paying, so we may assume they are working on improving the case. Though it's highly not recommended to place a deposit.

In addition, we want to note the following report, which was published after the publishing of our previous release of survey. Our reader said: "Take care everybody, growing forex is already scam, I did not even get one withdrawal". Indeed, the project no longer pays. Be careful.

Oil-High-Returns (6 days), Max Daily Earn (7 days), Fund Explore (68 days), BF - Spring (54 days), Trusted Barter Inc (13 days), Liberty Financial (6 days), Growing Forex (6 days), Brand Daily (113 days), Extra Finances (20 days), Make Much Money (34 days), Gain Masters (69 days)

HYIP Forums.
Everybody knows that HYIP programs have problems with AlterPay. it is hard to tell who is guilty in such situations. Investors are blaming administration of HYIP program. HYIP program administration blames AlterPay. Let's see what people think about it: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r323445-.html

Of course HYIP field is not the only place online where you can invest your money. Each day we have got a new sphere of money earning. anyway, I am sure that you have not only new ways of earning profit around the Internet but also have your own old ways. So here you may help person to understand all the aspects of money earning online:http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r263675-.html

Today many HYIP projects are trying to create personal page on a Facebook and what if to create page of the very popular forum? You are welcome to tell about your vision of such proposition. http://goldentalk.com/t56414.html

Endless topic of “$10,000 to the last person to post”. It is quite funny when people for many years are trying to earn money by posting last comment in the thread. I am sure that for three years(the creation date of the thread is 01.30.2008) there were many ways of earning $10,000. Anyway, why not to try? What if you will be the one with the last comment?;) http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r204983-.html

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