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In this section we have published all new programs, appeared since our last survey on Tuesday. You are free to check the details and build your future strategy. Of course there is no need to run and invest. Take your time and learn them well. In the first part of this section you will find programs that appeared on monitoring sites, blogs, reviews etc. In the second part the rest of programs appeared online.

Part I
Casino-Gain 115% after 5 days or 135% after 10 days!
Build Invest Group (buildinvestgroup.com) 1.5-2.3% daily!
Deposit-Trade Group (deposit-trade.com) 103% after 1 day or 120% after 5 days!
Advance Fund (advancefund.biz) 1.6-2% daily!
Prestige HYIP (prestigehyip.com) from 4.3%-4.5% till 104-110% daily!
WorldEarnFund (worldearnfund.com) 130% within 1 day, 210% after 3 days, 380% in 7 days!
Invest For You (invest-for-you.com) 130% within 1 day upto 350% after 7 days!
ProTrade Finance (protrade-finance.com) 1.5% upto 3% in 150 days, 20%-30% after 12 months!
TCGPI (tcgpi.com) 4.25%-5% within 24h

As it was said, in the second part we will give you all programs appeared online since our last survey.

Part II
Instant Real Profit (instantrealprofit.com), FinSection (finsection.com), Felixearn (felixearn.com), GoldenDeposit (golden-deposit.com), Oren DailyPro (orendailypro.com), Instant Investment (instainvestment.com), Light Income (light-income.com), OliveFinance (olivefinance.co.cc), SeriousInvestors (serious-investors.com), 200 Percent Back (200percent-back.in)

Diamond Take (diamondtake.com) - not paying
Op - Ric (op-ric.com) - not paying
RQ Investment (rqinvestment.com) - not paying, DDoS attack!
1 Autopay (1autopay.com) - not paying, site is offline
LionFunds Inc (lionfunds.net) - not paying
eCashBroker (ecashbroker.com) - not paying
WISP (wispco.com) - not paying

As you can see the number of not paying programs is not big. I just can say about one fact, everything can change in the world of HYIP within 1 hour. So I am not sure if there is a reason to panic. Let's hope for the best. Anyway, if your program has solved all problems till our next survey – please tell us about it and we will change the information.

Insectrio (insectrio.com) due to the fact that LibertyReserve website will be unavailable on June 4th between 07:00 AM to 09:00 AM (GMT), admin told to all members to cancel withdrawal requests that were made in these two hours, in order to prevent duplicate payments. Simply login to your account, find the “withdrawals history” and click on “cancel” button.
Inplado Finance (inpladofinance.com) announced about lottery! Only active members who have active deposits may participate. There will be five winners with the price of additional 10% from the active deposits. On 06 June 2011 winners will be announced.

Jackson - Traders (351 days), RFT Climb Ltd (110 days), High Earn (11 days), EarnVest (11 days), Make Profit 2day (3 days), Silicon Valley Group (74 days), No Risk Profit (5 days), Pro FX Partner (50)

As you can see all programs were working quite long period of time. Looks like it will be a hot summer for the HYIP Investors.

HYIP Forums.
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We are all trying to make or daily work as much comfortable as it is possible. This is also concerns browsers we use. Someone likes to use this or that browser but everyone has his own and personal reason: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r277082-.html

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