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Openings. Greetings, today we are publishing our next informational survey. From which, dear readers, you will learn many aspects of the HYIP industry. Keep in mind, that we are publishing our survey twice a week and it means that there is no event or new program will be missed! So, if you want to know everything what you need to earn money online - all you need is to follow our weekly infomrational surveys. And from the very beginning, as usual, we will start from the new programs appeared this week!

AllenFinance (allenfinance.com ) 2.5%-4.5% daily!
Online Raise (onlineraise.com) 3-5% daily!
Hot - Alert (hot-alert.com) 1-12% daily!
Stable Assets (stable-assets.com) 1.1-2% daily!

GloGain (glogain.com), QuickProfits (quickprofits.biz), BorgesFunds (borgesfunds.com), CityWinner (citywinner.net), NasDaqSecurity (nasdaqsecurity.com), StableAssets (stable-assets.com), PanaInv (panainv.com), Union-Trust (union-trust.biz), Capital-Dream (capital-dream.com), SohoIncomes (sohoincomes.com).

As you can see these programs are new and ready to be explored. Anyway, it is only a beginning of our informational survey. You will learn much of useful information here below.

Right Invest Club - not paying
Golden Fund Group - not paying

You are absolutely right. There are only two investment programs which have problems. Looks like it's gonna be a great weekend for the large number of investors. Of course it is said when your program is not paying, but believe me, usually there are some small problems which becoming solved within two or even one day. Anyway, if your program will solve all the small problems faster than we will publish our next informational survey, please contact us and we will tell about it to our great auditory!

Events. NanoEnergyProject (nanoenergyproject.com) has promised to open a new company office in MIami and now it is open! Admin said that now each investor may visit office and open a deposit or withdraw money. Anyway, before doing so youhave to make a call to this office. dear readers if someone will ever visit this office, please send us a letter about your impressions.

Jp-daily (jp-daily.com) has quite unusual situation. Admin has lots of hosting probelms but keeps paying to it's investors. Such actions are worth of respect and HYIPNews team hopes that all problems pf JP Daily will be solved as soon as possible.

Good News. Gain Traders (gain-traders.com) and Oil Trade Pro (oiltradepro.com) have solved their problems and continue to pay. Investors of these programs may sleep well, because it is obvious, when administration is trying the best they can to stay online it means that HYIP program will not run away, at least today! Anyway, these two programs have not gave the public update concerning their problems and it is no a surprise, because they are not in the list of HYIPNews programs and you know that we give detailed information about each program in our HYIP list.

Sossinvest (113 days), Forex Paean (68 days), Invest Federal (10 days), Ing Finance (10 days), Better Forex Co (16 days), Safe Fund (14 days), Vigil Club (18 days), IMF Strategy (18 days), Magic Gain (22 days), Commodities - Investment (22 days), FlyYield (35 days)

HYIP Forums. We have already wrote about this thread, anyway time has come and there are many new posts. This topic is about HYIP industry recovering. Many people many minds. Looks like it's time to see what people think about the today's situation on the market http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r298256-.html

2011 was not really a good year for the HYIP industry. Lots of programs are run away and many investors have lost their money without any profit earning. Anyway, is everything so bad? Or maybe it is the end? Let's check what do people think about it here: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r334275-.html

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