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Openings. Greetings! As usually on Tuesday we are happy to welcome our readers with our new informational survey. The administration of HYIPNews.com does its best to provide you well-timed and useful information on the HYIP industry. The latest events from the life of HYIP programs, updates on problematic and hot listings. All these and much more is given in the informational surveys made by HYIPNews.com. As usually we start with the Openings section. Enjoy your reading, dear readers!

Global Invest (g-invonline.com) 106%-220% paid at expiry after 1-10 days!
Spring Points (springpoints.com) 2%-6.5% Daily Profit & 8.5%-14% Weekly Profit!
Fundsbacker (fundsbacker.com) 1.2%-2.2% daily!

Fhprpofit (fhprofit.com), GoldGain Invest (goldgaininvest.com), CrizisGroup (crizisgroup.com), EpochalProCapital (epochalprocapital.com), FXCommercial (fxcommercial.com), Capital Dream (capital-dream.com), IT Income (it-income.com), Profit-Fast (profitfast.net), Star Traders Inc. (star-traders.biz), Freedomprofits (freedomprofits.in), NexFund (nexfund.com), Hourly Instant (hourlyinstant.net), U-Cashout (u-cashout.com), RoiQuality (roiquality.com), Steady Growth (steady-growth.com)

The majority of programs that appeared this new week seem not to be worth any attention. Only 3 programs are presented in a more detailed way. As for the rest, of course time will show. However at first sight they look nothing more ordinary ultra short-term HYIPs. I wish i was wrong. And i do hope among those given in the list above, within a month or two we'll find one or even more that could theoretically become an income source for the investors and readers of HYIPNews.com. Anyway, wish all new programs luck and successful, long work on the HYIP arena!


Green Inv Fund - not paying
Zealand Investment - not paying
HipoFunds - site offline
NanoEarn - not paying
Count After - not paying
Enormous-Profit - not paying
Oppo Markets - not paying

The start of the new week is unfortunately showing increasing of problematic programs. After the positive weekend, the number of HYIPs with problem statuses doubled. The reason for all of them is not paying to the clients. Some newly appread programs, working for a week or so are not capable to live on further and seem to be about to close soon. This is said, but true. Taking into account such a bad tendency, the administration of HYIPNews.com strongly recommends its readers to make due diligence of all programs and be in a hurry depositing funds to every new program. Which is new is not always reliable. Think of it and invest wisely!

DreamerTopia (dreamertopiallc.com) has announced of their back space update. The main page and design are being updated. Moreover they claim of dropping $300,000.00 in PPC advertising on Top search engines. By doing these manipulations, they claim to be out of competition in the HYIP world. We'll see what happens to them in the nearest future. The HYIPNews.com is watching DreamerTopia (dreamertopiallc.com) and their updates.

The admin of Optimus Funds (optimusfunds.org) has announced of the new plan. What is really strange is that duration is only 1(!) day and the profit is 103%. Looks very unrealistic and suspicious. As of some previous experience, such update speaks of possible soonest closure of a HYIP. We'd recommend you to watch Optimus Funds (optimusfunds.org) closely and if possible to withdraw your money out of there at least until things are resolved.

As we informed in one of the previous informational surveys, GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) has announced the possible introducing of the new long-term investment plan. Here we go! This happened. New plan has been introduced by GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com). This one called "Gladstone 365", with 3.65% daily for 365 days with minimal investment of $100. I can hardly believe this one will last for 365 days, well... we'll watch it later on.

Good News.
Unfortunately, this section of our informational survey is empty. It's quite predictable. Only 2 programs were in problem status last time and they are still problematic. Sorry no good news for today!

AlertPay is becoming widely known as a HYIP killer. Two more HYIPs, EarnGroups and MaxiEarn have been suffering from this e-currency and the troubles caused with it. AlertPay have taken control on the account of this HYIP and blocked it, which resulted in too many negative reports from the users. Seems like previously reliable e-currency is slightly turning into a very undesirable means of investing to HYIPs at all.

GlobalDigitalPay payment processor is following the bad example of AlertPay. The official exchanger of GDP LondonGoldExchange has put limits for out-exchange orders from the clients of GlobalDigitalPay. We do hope no other e-currency is going to follow such a terrible tendency, initiated by AlertPay and GlobalDigitalPay. Whatever the progress with these payments systems is, HYIPNews.com will keep you informed. Hope next time, there will be some good news.

7 Days Invest (79 days), Key Function (93), Gone Investment (15 days), Alpha Forex Investments (339 days).

HYIP Blogs. The secrets of HYIP blog owner are revealed in the article on PrivateHyipBlog. After reading the insight information, you could easily imagine yourself running a solid hyip investment blog or even the hyip investment program. The author gives answers to the following questions: How does the owner of a reputable HYIP blog deal with the HYIP admin? Do admins tell heave secrets to HYIP blog owners? And what is in the end of the story? Read the detailed information here: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/08/01/when-hyip-admins-contact-you-to-start-a-deal-with-your-hyip-monitor-website/

HYIP Forums. Like in the previous information survey, we'd like to draw your attention to things going on with the HYIP industry within recent months and for someone even years make investors frightened. It's not about the sense of pure fear. We are talking about the feeling like something not clear is happening. There are no obvious leaders on the industry. New programs appear and go for good in a blink of an eye. Is the HYIP industry going to recover? What is the future of HYIP? You can take part in this vitally important discussion for HYIP investors on Talkgold forum: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r298256-.html

The topic, active on Talkgold for more than 2 years is about what to do when you are scammed. It is obvious this question is interesting for all investors. And especially newbie HYIP investors would definitely find this thread useful: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r250686-.html

Where to go if you have $250? Where to invest? This question is being discussed on Talkgold. If you have the same or you possibly have answers to this question, you are welcome to this thread: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r263675-.html

The dispute between long and short term HYIPs seems to be endless. Goldentalk members go on discussing the advantages of short-term and long-term HYIPs, giving their pros and cons. You are welcome to join the discussion and express your opinion on this matter: http://goldentalk.com/t51467.html

Affiliate Marketing is some ultra modern term, which actually seems to be so clear and at the same time, causing so many disputes. So, what is affiliate marketing? Is there a chance tio earn money with it. Learn this here: http://goldentalk.com/t46304-10-2.html

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