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Today I want to briefly introduce four highyield investment projects that have just joined HYIPNews. I’m sure you’ll find at least one...

Today I want to briefly introduce four high-yield investment projects that have just joined HYIPNews. I’m sure you’ll find at least one you like among them. So here they are:

FlexibleInvest ( has five investment plans for you. Principal is returned on expiry in all of them:
15 Days Plan brings 1% daily for deposits between $5 - $1,500
30 Days Plan pays 1.2% daily on deposits of $15 - $2,500
60 Days Plan: 1.5% daily ($30 - $5,000)
90 Days Plan: 1.9% daily ($50 - $10,000
120 Days Plan: 2.4% daily ($100 - $25,000)
As you can see, all plans are affordable and it all depends on how long you are willing to wait before you get your deposit and profit back. The longer you wait – the more profit you make. Deposits can be made via LR, PM and AP.

There are four investment plans with payments made on expiry at WesternSum ( The minimum deposit amount is relatively high and is $50. With such an amount you can invest in the first plan that pays 1.6% after 2 days. The second plan brings 12% after 7 days and requires $100 minimum. In the third plan you’ll get 28% after 14 days for $200 minimum. The longest plan lasts for 92 days and pays 200% for deposits from $400. Principal is returned on expiry in all plans and accepted e-currencies are PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve, and AlertPay.

UnionTrust ( offer six high-ROI plans and your received profit depends on the deposit amount. The minimum deposit is $5 and the maximum is limited to $10,000 in all plans: Plan 1: 104%-120% after 1 day; Plan 2: 137%-270% after 7 days; Plan 3: 170%-380% after 12 days; Plan 4: 240%-540% after 20 days ; Plan 5: 320%-800% after 30 days; Plan 6: 450%-1200% after 45 days. UnionTrust accepts Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.

ExpertPortfolio ( offers three investment portfolios that bring 1.5%-2% daily for 12 weeks and return your principal on expiry. The Wallet Portfolio requires you to purchase 10 units minimum ($1 per unit) and unit rate of return is $0.075 per week. The unit rate of return in Case Portfolio is $9 per week and you have to purchase 50 units minimum to invest ($100 per unit). The Baggage Portfolio offers $20 per week unit return rate with 100 units minimum ($200 per unit). Profit-fixation takes place every week on Friday at 6 p.m. EDT. After the profit is fixed you can withdraw it anytime you want. ExpertPortfolio works with LR and PM.

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