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Openings. The HYIP world is constantly changing. New programs appear daily and every day new problem programs appear. This market is possibly the most liquid among all online. One needs to get oriented, while surfing it. HYIPNews.com is your leading light in the sphere of high yield investing. Our regular informational surveys update you on hot events from the work of HYIPs. It also provides you with the fresh updates about new and problems programs. You get to know of the latest and active forum discussions. All this information is provided for free in the HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com!

(instanty.net) 4-6% Dailyfor 40 Calendar Days!
Jamihi (jamihi.com) 3.5% Daily for 40 Calendar days!
CBC Investment 3.5-4.5% Daily for 90 - 365 Calendar Days!
Profit Master (profit-master.net) Up to 102% After 1 Day, Up to 3.5% Daily for 90 Days, Up to 4.5% Daily for 365 Days!

(vipinvest.net), Page-Money (page-money.com), GoEarnings, Dollar-Plan LTD (dollar-plan.com), Honest Profit (honest-profit.com), GoldenInv (goldeninv.com), ProfitHybrid (profithybrid.com), Golden Trades (golden-trades.com), Sapainv (sapainv.com), Time 4 Money (time-4-money.com), PerfectedForex (perfectedforex.com), MicroMoneyClub (micromoneyclub.com), Saferich (saferich.biz), Golden ROI (goldenroi.com), Confident Trust (confident-trust.biz), Gold Finace (gold-finace.com), Olympus Groups (olympusgroups.com), Cop Funds (copfunds.com), Wos Wealth (woswealth.com), SuperbTraders (superbtraders.com), Misterhyip (invest.misterhyip.com).

So, dear readers. You see the list of the new programs is rather large as usual. Most of them are typical template-like HYIPs, which seem not to pretend working for long. Anyway time will show and form the investment point of view, you are first of all recommended to take a closer look at the programs in the first section of the Openings section, with the detailed description. At least they look original. Whatever your choice is, please don't forget to make your own due diligence. HYIPNews.com is ready to assist you with any possible question.

Grand Wealth Signal - not paying
Fund Pools - not paying
AGS Trade - not paying
iMake Money Now - not paying
After 60 Days - not paying
Real Online Investment - not paying
Rolite Income - not paying
Sinfinance - not paying

This time we have quite a large list of Problem programs. Every time, all new ones. No sites offline, just missing payouts. The picture is so trivial. Dear investors, don't invest to these programs, until things are resolved and the programs get back to Paying status, if ever... In case they won't, well then, it means time to say good bye for them.

Events. Another change of the investment plan was taken by the admin of BruyetteInvestment (bruyette.com). Instead of previously valid "4%-6% for 40 days" we are offered to get "7%-9% for 20 days". More short term program, as they claim in the newsletter, the change was caused by the multiple requests of their customers, who prefer short term investment plans and hence BruyetteInvestment (bruyette.com) reduced both the investment period and the profit earned as well.

GlobalBankInv (globalbank-inv.com) has experienced problems with its SSL connection. As informed in the latest newsletter, these troubles were fixed by the time this release was prepared. The Positive SSL Ca seems to be issued by Comodo. In case anyone still has doubts about GlobalBankInv (globalbank-inv.com), you'd better contact Comodo for verification of this information.

The admin of GlobalBankInv (globalbank-inv.com) (goodprofit.net) has opened the contest for the best recommendation given about the program. In case you have any ideas, you are prompted to contact the admin and the best advices will get a prize.

Good News.
This time, the second time in a row we don't have any piece of Good News. Not a single program from previously Problem ones could restore the successful activity online. Too sad for investors of these HYIPs. Sorry for that, dear friends!

AlertPay has sent the newsletter saying about the maintenance of the system, which was undergoing with the purpose of improving.The scheduled downtime was between 9:00AM EST and 10:15AM EST on October 2. AlertPay apologizes for any possible inconveniences caused. The possible troubles with accessing the accounts of AlertPay during the maintenance could cause some delays with processing the profit payouts to AlertPay investors. Anyway. The maintenance is now over and in case some of you are still missing some payouts from any program, contact the admins. If you fail, send a warning to HYIPNews.com. We'll investigate the issue!

SolidTrustPay is back with the Bonus offered to its clients. Starting from October 1, all new members will automatically receive bonus of $1.00 credited to their accounts. As it has been mentioned in the newsletter, it also gives a good chance for existing clients to improve the downline base, referring new customers.

Safe Liberty (47 days), The Big Rabbit (22 days), I Gold Cash (24 days), Prox Trade (21 days), Get Instant Profit (6 days), Grow 155 (14 days), Prim Income (8 days), Perfect Emoney (207 days).

HYIP Blogs. Frank, the admin of The Private HYIP Blog has posted another update giving his idea of Top 10 best HYIP of October 2011. In his opinion, the best ones in October are Uinvest, Powerful Strategy, MacroTrade, ReproFinance, Safe Depositary, Paid Jack, Unitrust – Direct, Welton Trust, Mirex Group and Brandaily. The details about each program in the list are given in the update below: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/10/03/top-10-best-hyip-list-october-2011/

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