Updated: 10/13/2011 17:53
Hyip Monitor

We go on publishing reports, sent to us by our readers. As you can see, there are much more of them lately. SO we publish them separately, so that anyone, going to make a deposit to the programs mentioned could easily find the info, proving the fact it's not worth investing into them. If a HYIP proves to be a scam, more likely the collapse is ahead.

The first one, as we said yesterday, is the project called Here is the complaint about this project.

Please Check investment, This is a deceiver/impostor Investement program, from 04 October 2011 my money until today 09 october 2011 not paid, I really-really disappointed.

Let's open their site. Click Rate Us. What do we see? 1 monitoring. And it's not even a banner, it's just an image. Actually it's a fake. No clicking on the status, the program is not paying for sure. Scam.

Here is the complaint about or VIP FOREX scam they delete the account pretending wrong password beware I lost $350 and not paying

We can't check whether they deleted your account or not and confirm the fact the admin is cheating investors in such a way. Moreover the interest they are offering is not that large. I.e. the interest level is rather reasonable. However, you can find monitorings, where the status of the project is NOT PAYING. Even if we consider the reader's report as a fake, anyway, you'd better stay away from this project. It is advertised on several sites and someone might have got caught. But we hope, you make your due diligence before making a deposit and do not invest in the projects, such as

Don't forget to make use the search on our site, before you make a deposit. The information from multiple sites, blogs, forums is concentrated on our site. We analyze all data and try to inform of programs' problems as soon as possible, hence you can always find lots of info, if you search through our site. Lack of information about a project - is also considered to be a piece of information. It's not worth getting involved into any little known projects. But, even if you decide on that, you can contact our editorial staff anytime and we shall evaluate the project you chose.


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