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I'm afraid the following news can not mean anything good for all investors of Premoney , which offers 2.4%5.6% for 90 days with a minimum deposit...

I'm afraid the following news can not mean anything good for all investors of Premoney, which offers 2.4%-5.6% for 90 days with a minimum deposit amount of $25. The administration has offered a new special investment plan that is much more profitable than the standard ones offered at Premoney. It promises to pay 16% daily for 4 calendar days. It seems to be very attractive, doesn't it? And I'm sure many of you would even consider risking if the minimum deposit was $25 like in a standard offer.

Even though it is impossible for the admin to make such profit if he really trades in those markets he claims to be trading in, some of you would just gamble hoping for profit. However, you can make a deposit in this new plan only in case you are ready to risk $500 (!!!). As it usually happens, it is informed that only 1000 units are available, so that people would hurry. Your principal is promised to be returned on expiry, however, you can even withdraw it earlier if you need it (another trick used to attract you).

It is even informed that your deposit and earnings are fully guaranteed by the central bank of the Swiss and there is absolutely no risk of losing funds. I wonder whether this bank knows about such claims of the admin of Premoney. Members are also allowed to make only one time deposit in this plan due to high (!) request (how does he know that if he just made an offer?). Once all units are sold out, no investment will be allowed in this plan. Since this is a one-time offer, the admin advises you to react as soon as possible. Well, surely do that if $500 for you is like $5 for me :)

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