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Sean from HYIPInnovation continues sharing his thoughts about the HYIP industry with investors. As promised in one of the press releases published...

Sean from HYIPInnovation continues sharing his thoughts about the HYIP industry with investors. As promised in one of the press releases published here, he sent out a newsletter in which he talks about HYIP monitors. His team and he believe that HYIP monitors are one of the most ingenious inventions of this industry:

“They constitute a very important integral part of alternative investments market, including HYI Programs in particular. Such web resources at times may even drive the whole industry to some newer developments and innovations by pointing out the good and bad about one or another HYIP and thus creating the industry trends.”

Sean thinks that most importantly is that monitors are independent sources confirming real payment statuses of projects. Well, I agree with him that this is how it should be in a perfect world, but the truth is that there are actually just a few reliable monitors that you can trust out there. In case you didn't know, most admins have more than one project and open a new HYIP when one of his projects closes. Therefore we know about monitors that are owned by admins and where his projects are monitored. Do you think payment statuses are relevant there?

There is also a group of monitors owned by irresponsible people, who don't even keep track of payments and have deals with admins to always display positive statuses. So, all they care about is getting money and they don't care about investors at all. Okay, let's get back to the newsletter from HYIPInnovation. Sean continues:

“Just imagine facing some of the HYIP monsters our there, all by yourself, with no reliable proofs of payments and therefore likely not seeing yours. As some of you know, HYIP industry is heavily abused by the fly-by scams, where not a single investor would stand even a chance to win some profits and it is THEM, the HYIP monitors and other informational portals who are trying to help investors to discern potentially real opportunities from plain scams. If it is was not for them, the investors would never know for sure if they are investing in the "dead horse", or if the "horse" is really still kicking it good.”

He has more to say, and I think this information is quite interesting, so you can read the full text here. Remember, that HYIPInnovation offers 5% daily for 25-40 business days with principal included in your profit and accepts deposits to LR, PM and AP.

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