Updated: 12/20/2011 13:44
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Anahita Investment Group (that offers 5%8% weekly for 312 months) has announced the introduction of a new shortterm plan that pays 112% after 3...

Anahita Investment Group (that offers 5%-8% weekly for 3-12 months) has announced the introduction of a new short-term plan that pays 112% after 3 days for deposits from $1 (it pays on business days only). Also it was earlier informed that anyone who makes a deposit in weekly plans will receive 20% bonus. And there is a 10% referral bonus for all deposits larger than $10. Another update informs that the withdrawal processing time has been decreased from 2-4 days to 1-2 days and that withdrawal requests in weekly plans are accepted on Saturday and Sunday only and in a promo plan every day.

And Venture Capital Express has announced bonuses too and called it “Holiday Promotion”. All investors who make a deposit in any plan from December 24 to December 31 will receive a 2% bonus. I remind that this project offers the following plans: 1%-1.5% for 150 business days (1% for $25-$499; 1.2% for $500-$1,999; 1.5% for $2,000-$4,999) and 1.7%-2.2% for 180 business days (1.7% for $5,000-$7,499; 2% for $7,500-$14,999; 2.2% for $15,000-$1,000,000). For more information on Venture Capital Express read its presentation.

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