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Read through the interview of Steve Irven the administrator of the III project, fully named as Innovative! Incredible! Investment

First of all, congratulations. Congratulations to you, our readers, to the administrator of III project (or Web Finance) with the launch of such an interesting project. I must say that my admiration is solely professional and it does not mean that you should rush and immediately make a deposit. This should be your decision and today, in an interview with Steve Irven, who represents Web Finance, we will try to present the facts that you need to know in order to make that decision. (HN): Hello and welcome on the pages of Please, introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about your position in the company.
Web Finance (WF): Hello all readers of HYIPNews! My name is Steve Irven and I am the administrator of the III project. I am happy to answer all of your questions.

(HN): So III or Web Finance? Or iii? How is the name of your project actually spelt?
(WF): Our exact projects name is I! (III) , but in accordance to rules of some monitors and forums it is stated as Web Finance ltd, which is one of our companys names.

(HN): What is the mission of your company? Why did you decide to be engaged in such controversial activities as high-yield investing?
(WF): The mission is to provide good profit for our clients, and also to provide good ROI. There is lack of decent and reliable investment opportunities in the HYIP industry these days, so we want to let our clients invest more by providing good return.

(HN): You do acknowledge that your investment offer is high-yielding and therefore risky, dont you?
(WF): All investments in the world are surely risky and I agree that the level of risk is high when dealing with high-yield investment programs. To prevent those risks, an investor needs to support programs by posting payment proofs and voting on monitors. Good support will reduce risks and will bring everyone good profit.

(HN): I think one should be quite brave to offer 2.5% daily. Tell me why investor should not be afraid of such large profits?
(WF): Now the market is highly competitive and there are many big programs. Of course, investors want to make some good money ASAP, so we offer 2.5% daily. Before going online we thoroughly analyzed this matter and came up with the interest rate that would be profitable for investors and affordable for us. With this profit they can get their original investment back in 40 days and start making pure profit after that. Investors should not be afraid of such profit because as I have said it is affordable for us and complies with the daily profit of our company.

(HN): Tell us about the features of deposits in your project. That is, whats the minimum amount that can be invested and which e-currencies can be used for this purpose?
(WF): Currently we accept Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. The minimum amount to be deposited is $10 and there is no maximum. Just 3 days ago we launched a new short-term plan offering 2% daily for 7 days. In the future we are planning to offer principle return at any time in the long-term plan. We think that investors will like it. So here is how our investment offers looks:

Short Term Investment Plan:
Daily Interest: 2%
Minimum Deposit: 10 USD / Maximum: unlimited
Term Duration: 7 calendar days
Payment Options: LR and PM
Principal Return: YES
Withdrawal Frequency: Unlimited daily
Referral Commission: 6%
Withdrawal Type: Instant

Long Term Investment Plan:
Daily Interest: 2.5%
Minimum Deposit: 10 USD / Maximum: unlimited
Term Duration: 120 calendar days
Payment Options: LR and PM
Principal Return: YES
Withdrawal Frequency: Unlimited daily
Referral Commission: 6%
Withdrawal Type: Instant

(HN): The duration of your initial investment plan is 120 days. It's an obvious characteristic of a long-term project, so is that how the project is positioned?
(WF): As I have said, now we offer a long-term plan and a short-term one. Therefore our project will fit every taste and will be a good choice for investors with different preferences. We do not position III as a short-term project or a long-term one. Its up to investors to decide, although I dont think it matters. The most important thing is that our project is reliable.

(HN): Some of our readers asked about our opinion regarding the recent addition of a short-term plan. What made you decide to launch it and why didnt you offer it initially?
(WF): First of all, I want to make it clear that we are here to stay and to operate for a long time. We launched the project offering a long-term plan because it complies with our investment strategy. However soon after we went online we understood that the world of online investments differs from the world of investments weve been engaged in for the past 8 years. Therefore we conducted a poll and received lots of requests from our members to introduce a short plan. The thing is that many people here want to make money fast, so we discussed this matter and decided to launch a short-term plan, and of course we couldnt make it as profitable as the long-term one because other rules are applied in fast operations with money. But we know that there are also many people who like investing for a long time. Our long-term plan is longer, however it is more profitable.

(HN): It seems to me that the schedule of payments is a very important component of the investment project and I would like to clarify this matter first hand: on which days do you pay and on which you dont? When will I receive my first payment if I invest today?
(WF): We pay every day, 7 days a week. If you invest today, you will receive your first payment on the next day. Our financial operations are carried out according to the PST time zone (GMT-8).

(HN): How fast do you pay?
(WF): Our program pays instantly. Once you click on a withdraw funds button, your payment will be processed and you will get a batch number in the same window.

(HN): By the way, how long has your company been operating?
(WF): We are in the investment industry for more than 8 years. Our team consists of experienced traders specializing in Forex, domain investment, Internet marketing, software marketing, etc.

(HN): Your site says that the company is listed at and What are those websites?
(WF): Yes here are the links to our listing: and are the UK online business directories where one can find contact information and more details on companies operating in the UK.

(HN): Your company is legitimate. You have a phone number. However, unfortunately, you do not have live support and it is impossible to contact the administration directly. Is the solution in the form of a Ticket Support Center final?
(WF): Our company is legally registered. You can see our documents here: and here: Our phone number and other information is stated at scoot and yell as well, so you can contact me directly by calling +44 8455280246.

(HN): Your referral program offers 6% profit. Is the system a single-level? Do you have a program of regional representation?
(WF): We provide 6% referral commission, so investors can make good money by participating in our affiliate program. At the moment we offer a single-level program, however it may be changed on investors requests. We have also received many applications for a position of a regional representative, so we will update everyone on this matter soon.

(HN): How can investors get in touch with you?
(WF): We provide support by email: and by phone: +44 8455280246. We are always ready to answer all questions of our members and to solve all their problems as quickly as possible. You can also open a support ticket on our support page.

(HN): Are there any questions that are not mentioned in a FAQ section but are frequently asked by investors?
(WF): The recent popular question concerns a change in the layout of our website. This change was made because of the addition of a new short-term plan. Around 60% of investors asked the following question: where is my deposit, I see zero. Even, and maxhyip changed our status to problem 8 hours ago, so I sent them emails explaining the change in the control panel. and changed our status to paying but our status at maxhyip is still problem. So I want to explain all investors what happened. The thing is that when investors entered their member area before, they used to see information on the long term plan on the top of the page. After the addition of a short-term plan, the information on a long-term one moved down, so now when you enter a member area you see info on a short plan. Of course investors see zero in case they do not have a deposit in the new plan. So all they need to do is scroll down and be more attentive in the future. They should not panic because it may immediately ruin the project they invested in. Please, always wait for a reply from us. Always conduct a full research on a project you want to invest in and have faith in it if you have already invested.

(HN): And lastly, is there anything else you want to tell our readers?
(WF): I want to say that we highly appreciate investors support and want to thank everyone who has been supporting us so far by posting their payment proofs on forums and voting on monitoring websites. And I also want to thank you all for your attention!

Thank you very much for your answers, we wish you to execute all your plans and to complete all tasks.

Steve Irven special for

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