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I congratulate you with the successful (hopefully) end of the week, dear readers! So it came to an end, and I hope it was very profitable for you. That is, all the profit you expected for has been received, and none of the deposits has been lost. ENR-G could be a great addition to your portfolio and maintain positive dynamics over the past week. Take a closer look at it.

It is a medium-term investment project with daily payouts. It offers an investment period of 30 days in the first plan and 90 days in the second, third and fourth plans. The interest rate begins at 1.2% and ends at 2.7% per day. Before the expiration of the 30 or 90 days term you can not get your deposit back. You only make a profit on it.

After this period, you can close your deposit and get your invested money back. Thus in addition to the profit you receive during those 30 or 90 days, you will get your deposit. For example, in the Solar plan that pays 2.2% and requires a minimum of just $10, there will be 198% ROI on expiry, so that together with your deposit you will have 298% (or 198% pure profit), which is a great profit.

Of course, three months is quite a long period offered by many HYIPs. However, it is also quite possible to complete it. Many programs operate during such period of time without any problems. Of course, as always, everything will depend on the historical moment and the mood of the administrator. We can only say that much has been done in order to make this period of operation as long as possible.

For example, payments are accepted via the most popular e-currencies: LR, PM, AP, STP. And also the website is well protected. Therefore as I have already said, take a closer look at it.

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