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Good day, dear investors! Dear readers of HYIPNews.com! Our editorial staff is publishing the regular HYIP Informational Survey. As usually on Tuesday, we are going to outline the events on the HYIP market for the weekend. We shall post the updated list of Problem and New programs. Once there is any important discussion on any HYIP forum is taking place, we shall let you know about it in the informational survey. Once any HYIP blog posts any updates, we are here to share them with you. All you need to know about HYIP arena is here in one place. And as usually we start with the Top Choice section.

Top Choice.

1. ExpertPortfolio
Listed: 253 days
Profit: 1.5-2.0% daily for 12 weeks!
Term: up to 84 calendar day(s)

2. Royalty7
Listed: 134 days
Profit: 7% daily; 110% after 7 days!
Term: up to 7-30 calendar day(s)

3. Nano Earn
Listed: 61 days
Profit: 7% daily; 110% after 7 days!
Term: up to 7-30 calendar day(s)

4. Dividend King
Listed: 5 days
Profit: 120-170% after 1-3 days 240-670% after 6-15 days 1680-12000% after 30-60
Term: up to 60 calendar day(s)

5. Globo Treasure
Listed: 161 days
Profit: 1.4-2.8% daily!
Term: up to 150 - 210 day(s)

So as you may see, there are two newcomers to the Top Choice section today. Nano Earn has been promoted on HYIPNews.com and is currently taking the 3rd place. Speaking about DividendKing this HYIP is brand new and is on Top only because of the Promo status obtained. We'll see how it goes further on. Anyway, good luck to all investors! Have a good week!

Openings. Here we proceed with the Openings section.

Biggest Invest 120-11000% after 1-50 days!

Kinros Corporations Qi Advisors Zagjn Finelix Forex King Inv High Return Fire Surfice Really HYIP Profit Moment US Hour Global Stock FIPForex Dynamic Arbs Doto Results BosFund Alternate Inv Online Profits Direct AuroroInvest Glory Vip Mars HYip Monitor FundInvestBux Favorite Profit SmileEarn 4DailyPro Richeuro Fund Pay Active Hyip Earning Inter-Profits UpWallet FineLiberty UgoldInvest MagFund LearnInvestFund Stars Traders Reach Wallet

There is just one program in the first section and as usually the large list of ordinary openings at the beginning of the week. Think twice before investing to any of the programs. Always, talk to other investors and ask for a real investment experience. Whatever your choice is, you should remember, the risk of investing to high yield investing programs is large enough, hence due diligence is a must to do before jumping into any of them.


Fashion Investment - not paying
Nasdaq Fund - not paying
Zeus Trading Group - not paying
Ozzo Forex - not paying
Perfect Stocks - not paying
Revo Fusion - not paying
Forex Giant - not paying
Mol Funds - not paying
Perfect Investment - not paying
Top Oil Trade - not paying

So, there is another list of Problem programs. The programs are different, though there's the only advice: they are NOT recommended for investing. The team of HYIPNews.com recommends all active investors of the HYIPs, given above, trying to contact the admins as soon as possible, and if possible to take the funds out of these HYIPs. Wish you luck with that, in case you fail, not to let other investors be scammed, notify of your bad experience on forums and monitoring sites. It will stop others from investing to Problem HYIPs. And on the other hand, we sincerely hope to see all Problem programs in the next release of our informational survey in the Good News section.

Events. AmbrianInvestment adds new banners for advertising. They are available in the member's area. The new banners are of the following types: 125—125, 468—60 and 728—90. The admin also reminds that active promoters can get bonus 9% from every deposit, downline makes.

Good News. Congratulations to Unlimited Earn investors! You may sleep well, at least for now, cause the problems with this HYIP seem to be temporal. Now it is working and paying profits. As for the rest, they have either remained in Problems section or moved to blacklists. Sorry for that. As for the rest they either remain problem or accordingly have been moved to the Closures section.

Emoney. xChanger has published the new STP exchange requirement for the US citizens. As of March 26, 2012, SolidTrust Pay will no longer allow United States citizens to do exchanges out of their STPay accounts into another digital currency. xChanger is a popular exchanger that deals with all major e-currency systems: SolidTrustPay, AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney.

Closures. HotPaying (583 days), Phedge Fund (98 days), Kmtprofits (29 days), 2012 Liberty Reserve (14 days), Holdings Trade (72 days), Mac Choise (7 days).

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