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The latest update from the admin of HighBornFinance reminds all members that the program does not credit profit on weekends for 7%10% for 20 business...

The latest update from the admin of HighBornFinance reminds all members that the program does not credit profit on weekends for 7%-10% for 20 business days plan. The withdrawals are completed on weekends as well, only the profit is not credited. If anyone is missing a PZ payout, there is also a reminder that money can be requested from HighBornFinance PZ account: highbfinance@gmail.com. Once request is made, it will be checked and sent to the account requested. Any issue that concerns missing payouts may deal only with the Mass Payment System used by HighBornFinance. Any disputes ay be solved in the Live chat or on the Facebook page of the project. (http://www.facebook.com/?sk=welcome#!/groups/244255429017155/).

Another reminder in the newsletter from HighBornFinance notifies members about possible downtimes of the site for a short period of time. The downtime took not much time at all. All it took is to contact the hosting company and the issue has been fixed shortly. The best way to track the website status is to visit official Facebook group page of the project. By doing so, you will immediately become aware of all updates and possible issues that may arise in the work of the HighBornFinance web site. See the full weekend newsletter below:

“Update From HBF Admin
You are receiving this email because you are either a member of the new site HighBornFinance or you were on our mailing list.
Just to let people know sometimes our site goes down like it did today. All it takes is a simple email to our hosting company and they fix it fairly quickly. The best way to keep track of the site when it`s down is to visit our FACEBOOK page where the admin always updates everyone. One of our unique services that we offer is interaction with the ADMIN of HBF daily on our group. Also a reminder that withdrawals are done on weekends but we do NOT pay profits on weekends. Withdrawals do take up to 24 hours as well.
If anyone is missing a PZ payment. You can request money from our PZ account: highbfinance@gmail.com and we will look to see if you have been missed and we will send to you. Just click REQUEST funds on your PZ account home page. This is only happening to a few people because of MASS PAYMENT SYSTEM, or you can contact us on FACEBOOK or the sites LIVE chat. We are here to help with anything you need. We do have a very good FACEBOOK group where the admin always keeps everyone up to date: http://www.facebook.com/?sk=welcome#!/groups/244255429017155/
In the following months we will grow and upgrade the site so that we can be one of the best leading online investment programs for years to come.
HBF – Support Team”.

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