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The HYIP Information Survey 174 published by Eric Marriam on August 14, 2012 is given below, you can see the detailed information about HYIP industry

Dear readers! It's Tuesday and we are happy to announce the regular release of our HYIP Informational Survey. As you know, we are trying to cover all latest news from the world of HYIP in our survey. We are doing our best to update you on the latest events of high yield investment programs. We also provide you with news on closures and problem HYIPs. All in all there is lots of hot information inside. Hope the info we are providing to you is useful for HYIP investors. Let us start as usually with the Top choice section:

Top Choice. We are happy to update you with the Top 5 programs listed on HYIPNews.com. Hope you'll enjoy reading the informational HYIP Survey from HYIPNews.com.

1. Benson Union
Listed: 209 days
Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!
Term: up to 170 business day(s)

2. Lite Asset

Listed: 43 days
Profit: 125-850% after 1-20 days!!
Term: up to 20 calendar day(s)

3. Perfect Liberty

Listed: 11 days
Profit: 130-800% after 1-15 days! 8-14% hourly for 13-14 hours!

Term: up to 33 calendar day(s)

4. We Earn You Earn
Listed: 11 days
Profit: 110-450% after 1-10 days
Term: up to 47 calendar day(s)

5. Australian Business Group

Listed: 11 days

Profit: 1-2.2% daily!

Term: up to 80 calendar day(s)

So as you may see, the is only one change in the Top Choice section. The #1 is still Benson Union. This one has been listed for 209 days and has been on top for a while. Perfect Liberty was moved to place #3, and Australian Business Group is taking the 5th place. Lite Asset and We Earn You Earn are taking places #2 and #4 accordingly. Good luck to everyone! Have a good week!

Openings. The list below gives the general impression of the Openings of the weekend. The programs added to HYIPNews.com listing are given with the detailed description along with any others that seem to be original at first sight. And as usually next there goes a list of ordinary links for the new HYIPs, launched within the weekend.

5 Daily Pay 26% daily for 5 days 135% after 5 days!
Daily2Profit 2% daily up to 100 calendar days!

NobleProfit Mortgage Center HoursIncome Spiritfunds GasAndOilInc Safe-Investment ProFinance24 Goldmember 1day-Doubler HourlyVeloxInv MoneyHYIPTop GlobalAdMatrix InvestTrast Billion-Invest ProfitYourAds BGTGroups Daily14Ads MitGold Smart-Wealth Cool-Income Whitfunds Pay2 Solid-Income SecurePayDayLoanOnlineToday Optimuscapital MAgicSunflower LifeTrustInvest DarProfit China-Forex WeHYIP Primexcash GlobalExMoney DoubleNova DoubleFinance AltorPay ReesFunds DecoFunds Dollars-Express AKFinances GoldTradeMaster UniqueInvestment SportInv NetValuePay LipHYIP Dailybanker MesopotamiaUnion

Today we have 2 new programs added to HYIPNews.com listing. They are given above with the interests described. As for the rest, the list of the openings is as large as usually. There are mostly common new websites, mostly short term ones. Please be careful, when you choose the new source for investing. The due diligence is highly recommended, actually as it always is in the sphere of high yield investing. Good luck!


Permanent Fund - not paying
Aprofit - not paying
Safe Money Treasure - not paying
UniTrust Finance - not paying
Dream Invest - not paying
Adamant Funds - not paying
Minclub - not paying
Smart Cash Inv - not paying
InvInternet - not paying
Fresh Return 2012 - not paying
North Funds - not paying
Inco Success - not paying

And once again, second time in a row the list of Problem programs is not large at all. The explanations can be various, the most obvious seems to be that within 3 days after the previous informational survey release, the programs got Problem status and were already moved to closed section or remained problem. This happened to many HYIPs. Whatever the explanation ca be we are glad to have such a short Problem section in today's release of our HYIP Informational Survey.

Events. Absolutiva is showing good potential for HYIP investors online. The latest newsletter announced the addition of the new feature. ShoutBox, is a chat-like feature that allows people to quickly leave messages on the website, without registration needed.

The main idea about using ShoultBox is to contact other members or the project staff asking various questions and getting fast and professional replies.

Absolutiva also recommends every member and ordinary investor to read through the manual (http://www.absolutiva.com/How-To-Guide_PayPal.pdf) on using the PayPal payment system to avoid any possible misunderstandings. All questions and disputes are solved in the Live Chat.

New features have been implemented to the KISnP web site. So a very long newsletter explaining the new features has been delivered to our mailbox on August 10. The main topic discussed is adding certain limitations for depositing funds to the Daily investment plans of the project.

So as of the Forever Daily, Weekly and Monthly Plans, they are now made as a sort of intermediary for investors willing to make future profit with the Daily plans. The main concept is as follows: without having a certain amount invested to Forever plans, one will not have a chance to make deposits to Daily plans.

As explained by Zepp, the admin of KISnP, the main idea for the limitations to be put is the necessity to put a control on the amount of deposits to the Daily plans, where the majority of investors deposit at the moment. Let us trust Zepp, saying the project is not experiencing any cash flow issues or problems at the moment.

However, it does makes sense, if the situation like that with depositing into the Daily plans continue, it might soon create cash flow issues, which is totally not acceptable. So, putting such limitations is a method to put some preventive measures against any possible issues in the future. And currently it is the best way to keep the program as strong as possible for as long as possible.

As a bonus giving reward for the forced deposits to Forever plans, another incentive has been introduced. The one that looks like a referral commission payment for your own deposits.

The new features are going to be implemented between August 20th and August 22nd. The final word is that these new features are not going to affect current deposits and any deposits made before the implementation.

Another newsletter came from Zepp later, saying about recent downtime of the KISnP. The reason reported is DDoS attack. The hosting provider was able to mitigate the attack quickly, still there have been some affect to the automatic deposit processing feature, which is still being fixed at the moment.

Final piece of news from KISnP is the addition of PexPay as the fifth payment processor.

InflexCapital decided to change the hosting provider from GeniusGuard to CloudFlare. The thing is that within last few days, there were certain troubles with GeniusGuard and as the result some downtimes of the InflexCapital website have been noticed.

CloudFlare is getting far more and more popular among the HYIP admins and hence the decision was taken to move to them.

Within the newsletter there is also a report on the substantial growth of InflexCapital during the first days online. Being thankful to all the members and for the sake of maximum convenience possible, especially for those not familiar with the payout schedule of InflexCapital both the server and payout times have been included on the home page of the website.

As reported: "...The differences: Server time is used to track when your interests will be credited, whereas Payout time is used to find out when your payout will be processed. Our current payout schedule is set at 7am and 7pm GMT -6 from Monday to Friday..."

The admin of Dynasty7 informed his members in the latest newsletter about the newly launched Facebook page, inviting everyone to join it.

Indeed Facebook can become a good tool for communicating with the members as well as the members with each other by means of comments and other features available. The only requirement to become a successful Facebook promoter is to have constant updates of the page, posting the news as often as possible. Live clients should be able to see the page is alive, otherwise it simply makes no sense.

Frankly speaking, Dynasty7 admin is not that good at Facebook promotion. The last update has been a week ago, which is quite a while ago.

AustralianTrust changes the domain name to au-tr.com. Due to DNS update the site could be inaccessible for a while. As of now the site is loading fine.

Moneygator has changed the technical support phone number to the new one: +31202170255. Previously active phone number has been busy quite often due to abnormal network overload.

FXCMinvest apologizes for some delays with paying the bonuses promised. The reason as reported is that the scripts are not adapted to give out bonuses, both fixed and interest-like. The problems are promised to be fixed within this week.

Good News. Last time there were not many programs in Problems section of our HYIP informational survey. And hence many people might have thought there won't be any good news among such a small amount of programs. Unfortunately it's true. There is no good news for today. None of programs marked as Problem last Friday managed to recover its Paying status. Most of them remained Problem on most monitoring sites. very much likely they are going to be moved to Closures soon. Sorry for that, dear investors, if you lost you funds with these HYIPs. Anyway you know the rules, it's more like a gambling anyway.

Emoney. SolidTrustPay has the official blog relaunched. The news has been posted on the official blog SolidTrustNews.
More good news for the US investors from SolidTrustPay is that now, with the addition of another United States ACH (direct bank transfer) option all pending ACH withdrawal requests are expected to be approved by Friday, August 17th.

This update applies to member requests dated July 20 to August 7 (all requests after these dates are not experiencing any delays). See the complete news on the United States ACH update here: http://solidtrustnews.com/2012/08/12/united-states-ach-update/.

PexPay is a new payment processor, which at the moment is not able to compete with LibertyReserve, Perfect Money or SolidTrustPay. Still is is showing good potential, and the fact it is now accepted by KISnP and NewGNI (two programs, which are rather popular on the net) may prove the serious intentions and good potential of this new payment processor.

One of the main advantages of PexPay is the verification requirement for completing direct bank wires for the e-currency members. And now as the means of attracting customers, for the entire period of August, PexPay offers a promotional campaign reducing the bank transfer fees to $10 (used to be $25) on all deposits from $200 and more.

The PexPay payment processor also pays much attention to the informative and educational aspect of business. So, the latest newsletter from PexPay gives the detailed manual on how to make a deposit via bankwire. The registered members of PexPay can read for the newsletter in their mailboxes. For all those not registered with PexPay, let me quote the "How to Deposit" manual below:

"To make a deposit using a wire you will need to do the following:
Login to your PexPay account.
Click on the deposit tab at the top of your main account page.
Complete the required fields on the wire deposit page
Enter your Security Guard Pin, and then click the add wire funding button.
Click the link for the printable wire instructions.
On the instructions page click the print wire instructions link.
Take the printout of the instructions to your bank.
Wait 2-3 business days for a deposit notice from PexPay and your done.
We must have all wires in and processed by 8/31/12 to get the discounted rate. As soon as 9/1/12 EST is here the fee will return to the normal 25.00 fee."

Closures. Share Trade Income (35 days), Income Matrix (34 days), Koo Fund (21 days), Raven Trading Company (27 days), Billion Funds (12 days), Fat Holdings (12 days), K2 Forex (47 days), Rem Wealth (13 days), Alpha Profit Share (9 days), Resource Endless (5 days).

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