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Empire Finance Group is a longterm HYIP program listed at HYIPNews for 38 days, however the lifetime of this HYIP is actually more than 1000 days....

Empire Finance Group is a long-term HYIP program listed at HYIPNews for 38 days, however the lifetime of this HYIP is actually more than 1000 days. Actually, such a lifetime is record high for the HYIP industry, especially taking into account, the program is paying 1.3-1.7% daily for the investment period of 100 business days.

Recently we received the newsletter from the admin of this program, telling about opening the protected mirror website. Please see the newsletter below:

"EmpireFinanceGroup “ protected mirror opened “ EmpireFinanceGroup
Starting new week with good news, we are pleased to announce that now our site is hosted on two dedicated protected servers.
We have rent new more powerful and faster dedicated server (Dual Xeon E5 2620 2 GHz “ 24 Cores With HT) with protection from DDoS attacks and opened mirror of our website at https://empfinance.org
Now, if you have any trouble loading main site, you can get on our mirror, we are constantly thinking about stability and security and that is why we are sure you are happy working with our investment company.
EmpireFinanceGroup Support Department".

Well, indeed from the point of view of security, having two protected dedicated servers adds much more points to the program security in terms of DDoS protection and other. The link to the mirror website of Empire Finance Group is given in the newsletter quoted above. Congratulations to the admin on taking care of members security and stable performance for years by now.

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