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latest hyip news digest april 22 2016
See the news from Crypto Binary, Forex IM milestones, regional representatives, OWY imprvements, Lucrative Ventures DDoS issue, InvestFond QIWI update
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See the news from Crypto Binary, Forex IM milestones, regional representatives, OWY imprvements, Lucrative Ventures DDoS issue, InvestFond QIWI update

Here comes another news digest to overview the latest changes in Hyips online. Forex IM gladly announces completing of 102 days online, appreciating all the investors' efforts who promote the company to reach new heights. For now there are more than 42000 of active members and the project strives to reach more people outside the investment industry to show them the earning opportunity Forex IM Ltd. company has to offer.

The Forex IM trading team are now handling almost $9,000,000.00 in company funds to generate profits for the company investors. As of now nearly $2 mln. worth of profits have bee paid to the investors. The admin assures all withdrawals are processed at time, and the team of the project is doing its best to process every payout in the shortest time possible. The support team of Forex IM is available 24/7 to handle all questions and inquiries.

The representative list increases and a lot of customers asking about the possibility of being official representative in their respective cities and countries. Forex IM is pleased to announce that this possibility exists and if you want to become one of official regional representative you can enquire for it. You can find more useful information at the Regional Representative page on the Forex IM website.

OWY reports completing the 11th week of trading with the following asset rates:

SHR / USD Buy: 1.11
SHR / USD Sell: 1.10
KWT / USD Buy: 0.21
KWT / USD Sell: 0.20

Meanwhile the project is still improving. So the Perfect Money direct deposit and withdrawal option has been enabled. Also by popular demand, the amount of partner bonuses 1 and 2 has been increased. Bonus 1 is now also increasing depending on your partner rank

Another update has been delivered by the admin of Crypto Binary, who reports fulfillment all obligations by satisfying all those who have deposits or investment or special trading request with the program. In order to show appreciation for all those who have investment with the project extra 10% profit share will be provided to all investors with the deposit of $500 and more for the period of just one day. The new feature has been announced as well to establish smarter way to earn more passive income with absolute Zero risk.

The admin of Lucrative Ventures listed at HYIPNews informs about the DDoS attack that the website of this project faced and which resulted in slow website loading time and sometimes being hard to access. AS the admin says it's obvious when anyone starts to gain popularity other rivals come and try to knock the one down. The admin says about the blackmailing issue and claims they refuse to pay. So the blackmailers started to use another method by giving bad votes on monitors. The admin of Lucrative Ventures asks the members to ignore such votes and in case of any problem to contact the support of the project.

The admin of InvestFond HYIP listed on the 2nd place at HYIPNews informs adding QIWI payment system for the convenience of the customers. InvestFond is currently one of the most stable companies in the investment market worldwide, which is hopefully going to continue its work and do all the best to provide secure investment opportunities for the customers for long time!

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