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latest hyip news digest august 12 2016
Check the latest news about new plan added by TopTotal, Zooo warning, Earning Hike and CRPbankers milestones and website design update
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Check the latest news about new plan added by TopTotal, Zooo warning, Earning Hike and CRPbankers milestones and website design update

Take your time to check the latest updates from the Hyips online. The team of Earning Hike hyip listed at HYIPNews for 28 days is pleased to announce completion of the first month online. The admin is sure it's been possible due to active cooperation with the members, especially with those who helped the project during the start-up period. He is sure the project will last for long thanks to the long term commitment & loss-avoidance strategy and the start of the representative program, the details of which will be announced on the program's website soon.

There is a warning concerning the site of Zooo hyip, which used to be on top of the HyipNews listing after the scam of Investfond for a while. The reason for the alert raise is the hack of the corporate website, due to which there is a huge risk for the funds and personal data to be stolen from the Zooo website. The project has been assigned with the Awaiting status for further investigation, and naturally removed from the Top Choice listing.

The weekly news was published at TopTotal hyip listed at HYIPNews for 73 days. The admin claims it lasts for three months for now, though and the entire team of the project is thankful to all members for the trust, gladly announcing the launch of the new investment plan from $20 for 10 working days, with 11% of the deposit. According to last week's results, the target limit was fulfilled by 26% implying that the interest rate will be 2.8%, insurance (20%) and the fixed amount of profit for insured deposits is 180%. Please expect more news from TopTotal next week.

CRPbankers is entering its second week online. Being only in the beginning of the long journey CRPbankers Inc. had planned to offer 2% ROI for 90 days assuring they will stay strong and ahead for a very long time, any business whether its offline or online, their employees and members are the one which takes that business near to their goals. CRPbankers is claimed to be a very super stable incorporation which is going smooth from the past 10 years. The project currently accepts manual deposits for Perfect money, automatic spends via Bitcoin. The design template is also going to ne update closer to the end of the month.

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