Updated: 10/21/2016 13:49
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latest hyip news digest october 21 2016
HyipNews is pleased to share the latest news from Probitco, MIllari Finance, Edelweiss5, OIFLTD and Netgo Btc on recent changes, future plans and more
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HyipNews is pleased to share the latest news from Probitco, MIllari Finance, Edelweiss5, OIFLTD and Netgo Btc on recent changes, future plans and more

Edelweiss5 presents with the new payment method and gladly informs of the ability to add funds to the project using bank transfers, which is one of the most convenient and simple ways to recharge your accounts. Transfer money at the nearest branch of the bank or directly from home, using the service of your internet banking. Transfer can be done as the international transfer system SWIFT – interbank funds transfer system. Apart from that the company expands and holds presentation in various cities.

On October 14 there was a company presentation in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Event took place in the large conference hall of the Premier Palace Hotel. As expected, there was a real feast with a buffet table, raffle of valuable prizes, among them the promised iPhone7. The lucky ones got their prizes, all participants had a great time. Another representative office was opened in Hungary on October 18. It is located at the address: Szarvas street, 1-3, Ny­regyh¡za city. Anyone can visit the office and meet with our representative or call +36204904301 (laszlo Mikita) and arrange an appointment.

Great news has been delivered by the admin of Millari Finance, who translated the website into Indonesian language due to recent request of Indonesian authorities. Millari Finance grows increasingly more popular all around the world and the company is in the constant search for the best ways to improve services and make the financial tools user-friendly day by day.

AltTrader listed at HyipNews for 16 days is pleased to add Perfect Money payment system on the website. It is strange this highly popular payment system was not available initially, still now it's online and moreover in the nearest future more payment systems are planned to be added as well. The admin thanks every member for the support and positive feedback.

Probitco has put the members and investors on alert by launching two extra profitable hourly investment plans. 1st hourly plan:
10% hourly for 24 hours Minimum deposit $1250.00 Max. $1999.00
12.5% hourly for 24 hours Minimum deposit $2000.00 Max. $2999.00
50% hourly for 12 hours Mininum deposit $3000.00 Max. $5000.00

2nd hourly plan:
1000% AFTER 1 HOUR Minimum deposit $5000.00 Max. $100000.00

The admin also explains that all deposits to new plans can be done exclusively from external e-currency accounts and not from the account balance. This restriction may be the evidence of the project to be lack of funds to pay profit to earlier members and as the result new plans have been introduced to attract new investors, seeking higher income possibilities. No matter what, such profitable plans may eventually result in a complete loss.

OIFLTD announced the completion of the maintenance schedule for Hosting server. The website is online and the team of the project thanks every member for the support.

Netgo Btc announced the project reached 500 members in just 5 days thanks to the trust of the members and their support and also thanks to the expert traders working 24/7 to make profit both for the owners and investors. As for the news there is a report on random withdrawal proofs that will be uploaded to the site everyday. You may find them at the top of the Netgo Btc website.

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