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No need to leave your account send a message to Payza Support whenever you need, find out of the new way of communication between customers and officials
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No need to leave your account send a message to Payza Support whenever you need, find out of the new way of communication between customers and officials

In order to make the customer support service as much more effective as possible the new direct messaging customer support system is enabled this week for the Payza customers worldwide. Whenever you are logged in to your account, you will notice a green dot in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Clicking the dot one is able to send a secure message to Payza Customer Service Department and request for the issue one is interested in to be resolved or simply ask any general question or information needed to be investigated.

The new updated Direct Messaging Service gives certain benefits to the customers. First of all there's a simplicity implied, when there's no need to sign out from your account and proceed to support. Moreover there is now an opportunity to submit tickets in seconds even when payments are in process. The speed of response from the customer support is also increased and during business days may take just a few hours to receive response. With the new system Payza officials can provide the customers with short messages on updating accounts etc., as the targeted information is supposed to appear on the relevant web page in your account, where in need and when you need it.

There can be three forms of messages that can be sent directly to customers' accounts.
– Simple announcements and reminders, indicated by a red dot within the messaging button.
– Pop-up messages with information about new features, changes to your account, and helpful tips.
– Full-screen pop-up windows for exciting updates and important events in your region of the world.

Despite the simplicity and all the advantages of the new Direct Messaging System one should understand the traditional support is still available and can be used in full whenever you don't have access to your account or if you are a new customer and haven't managed to sign up for Payza account yet.

Speaking of occasional e-mails from Payza they will be delivered like usual, which is why one needs to make sure to know how to recognize fraudulent phishing emails and be sure to whitelist emails from Payza not to miss any important information. Any feedback and comments concerning the new customer support system are appreciated and will be taken into consideration when developing new services.

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