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futurly presentation
Take a look at the presentation of HugePM added to Futurly Promo listing on November 22, 2016, learn about the investment plans payment methods, web
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Take a look at the presentation of HugePM added to Futurly Promo listing on November 22, 2016, learn about the investment plans payment methods, web design

Another hyip project has ordered Promo listing at HyipNews and hence we are pleased to offer the Presentation of Futurly hyip at HyipNews website. Taking a first look we can see a very nice looking website with a user-friendly menu above and some stats of the project in the header of the website. The stats are providing some general information on the number of members and deposits withdrawals amount. The detailed stats is also available on the main page in the right column of the website.

The website of Futurly hyip is available in two languages: English and Russian. As for the special futures we can figure out the exclusive forum, which can be used for comunication between members as well as to learn the latest news from the team of the project. Another thing worth noticing is the certificate of incorporation with the opportunity to check its validity on the Companieshouse.gov.uk website. The company registered is Futurly Limited and its company number is 10111112.

It is strange but having enough of proofs for being incorporated the website is only secured with EV SSL certificate without the Extended Validation protocol available. Perhaps it will be another step for the project to get the Green Bar available, for now though we can only say the SSL Certificate for futurlyltd.com is signed by COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA which is signed by COMODO RSA Certification Authority which is signed by AddTrust External CA Root. The SSL Certificate will expire on Sunday 29 October 2017. The DDoS protection is provided by Host Lincoln Limited.

Taking a closer look at the investment plans, we can see the project is targeted on long-term cooperation with customers. The investment period of all three plans available is 360 days and the daily profit varies from 4% to 5%. Deposits and withdrawals are paid to one of three payment processors available: BitCoin, Perfect Money or Payeer. Minimum investment is $10.00 and maximum is $30000.00.

The support is traditionally available via the Contact Form. Speaking of the company's profile, let me quote the main concept of the Futurly website: "Futurly LTD" is a registered trading company in United Kingdom, which gives the best conditions for investors and partners in the binary options market."

The project's status on the HyipNews is currently Awaiting. We are still waiting for the first payout from the project. It is to soon to make any predictions concerning the potential of the hyip, we'll be monitoring the hyip further on. Stay tuned and watch the latest updates from Futurly. If any of them are posted we'll let you know about them in the news digest.

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