Updated: 11/30/2016 13:41
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Earn Tech improves terms for referrals and launches regional representatives program, claims to assist in promoting project with promo materials
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Earn Tech improves terms for referrals and launches regional representatives program, claims to assist in promoting project with promo materials

The team of Earn Tech hyip listed at HyipNews on the 19th place shares some good news with the members. The news is concerning the updated referral program and terms of rewards paid to active partners enjoying the three-level referral program where 4% of the deposits made by your first-line referrals , 2% of the deposits made by you second-line referrals (the people invited by your first-line referrals) and 1% of the deposits of your third-line referrals (the people invited by your second-line referrals) are paid.

Another new feature is the launch of the Earn Tech regional representative program. It is also multi-level and the commission is 7%-2%-1% accordingly. Being an active regional representative one should be able to attract referrals, to help and guide them in every issue and problem that they can have, to support and promote the project in the region of one's own by organizing training seminars, holding regional advertising campaigns, consulting clients on the services of the company, etc.

Upon bringing active referrals more additional bonuses will be provided after some process evaluation, which means more benefits will appear for the both online and offline advertising campaigns to be organized in the area to promote Earn Tech. For assistance the project is ready to provide representatives with promotional videos, brochures, banners and other materials that can become useful for advertising.

The requirements for becoming a regional representative are simple and traditional. One should email the personal details such as Country name, Name, Username in the project, E-mail, LAnguage spoken, Skype, Facebook and other social network IDs, Phone number if available to the following e-mail address: partnership@earntech.cc. Within some days after receiving this info from the applicants, they will be contacted to discuss further cooperation. For every regional representative a personal manager is to be assigned at Earn Tech.

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