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latest hyip news digest december 06 2016
Latest news on Superminers adding Chinese, TrueBit adding Neteller, Skrill, representatives at Mexeer, video review bonuses at RightRise and Razzleton
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Latest news on Superminers adding Chinese, TrueBit adding Neteller, Skrill, representatives at Mexeer, video review bonuses at RightRise and Razzleton

Check the news from the hyips online below. The Superminers hyip is moving forward and moves to new markets aiming for the increase of the members' profits, as the admin claims. With a view to make the website more popular it has been translated to Chinese, since the language is spoken by more than 1.3 billion people throughout the world. Also for the customers' convenience the links to social pages of the project on Twitte, Google+ and Facebook are located on the main page. The social pages can be used to share reviews and provide information support to promote Superminers hyip and earn from referral program. Most active social network users are also additionally awarded by the managers of the company.

TrueBit gladly informs members about adding of two new payment options. From now on Neteller and Skrill are accepted to process the payments and deposits. The payments and deposits to the newly added systems will be processed manually, which is why customers are informed of the possible delay up to 6 hours before the payment is done (normally about 1 hour). The minimum deposit amount for Neteller and Skrill is $10 and the minimum withdrawal amount is $5.

Mexeer introduces representative section, which has been so long-awaited for the members. From now on anyone willing to develop meXeer platform can apply to become a representative of the company and begin the development of their structure with more interesting offers. Once appointed for the position of the company representative one gets Privileged status, contacts posted on the website, extra referral revenues, access to leadership chats and also, which is the most interesting thing, some budget from the company to spend on the project development.

RightRise announced November's winners in the competition for the best video review pf the project. Here are the names: Mike – USD 500.00, Gaston – USD 300.00, Millioninvestor – USD 100.00. The links to the reviews are there on the website of the project.

Another program, Razzleton, offers bonuses for making a video story of using the project and uploading it to one of the popular video sharing website. The winners will get 5%-15% bonus to the sum of your deposit or fund withdrawal transaction. Unlimited number of videos can be uploaded by a single user.

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