Updated: 12/19/2016 17:25
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latest hyip news digest december 19 2016
Check the latest news on SolidTrustPay Facebook contest, OKPAY working schedule, Razzleton Portuguese language added, Edelweiss5 presentation
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Check the latest news on SolidTrustPay Facebook contest, OKPAY working schedule, Razzleton Portuguese language added, Edelweiss5 presentation

Razzleton hyip keeps on adding new languages to the website, making the entire project accessible and user-friendly for the majority of partners and mebmers online. This time the admin of Razzleton informs of adding the Portuguese language, thus any information about the program, plans and terms of Razzleton hyip can now be accessible in Portuguese. The platform is yet to be adapted to the needs of all the customers and hence more likely new localizations will be added in future.

As for another hyip, Edelweiss5, the program keeps on expanding offline and this time the admin is glad to invite all customers to visit the new presentation of Edelweiss5 company to be held today on December 19 at 19:00 at the Prestige Hotel at Yenişehir, Ekinciler Caddesi, Diyarbakır. The admin looks forward rich information and entertainment program and friendly atmosphere will allow you to take your time, communicate with partners, employees and investors in a relaxed atmosphere.

SolidTrustPay is trying something new and exciting this year. SolidTrustPay is running a Facebook contest with a total of $1000 in prizes: $500 to the members and $500 to causes chosen by the winners! All you have to do is like/share SolidTrustPay Facebook post and then sign up via email. The names will be drawn on December 28 and the winners will be announced on Facebook. According to the terms of the contest there are five places awarded with $150-$75 paid directly to members' STP accounts depending on the place taken and $150-$75 given additionally to donate o the charity of the winners' choice. All you have to do to join the contest is to like and share SolidTrustPay post on Facebook, and then enter your email in the pop-up on this page.

Another payment processor updated the customers on work schedule during the festive period. So OKPAY informs of the work schedule of MoneyPolo, its financial provider, presented in the "Bank" line on the graph, given on the official website of the payment processor. On the days marked as red and orange financial operations related to bank wires, cash money transfers and the OKPAY Card will not be processed. Processing of these tasks is postponed to the next working days (green and yellow). If you are planning any bank wires, please place your orders before 23rd or 29th of December. The "OKPAY" line represents the work schedule of the OKPAY Support Service. As we can see from the graph, the support will be working without interruptions with the short working days on December 30 and January 2. Despite the OKPAY support service is working 24/7, please keep in mind, if you make a request on any financial task it may not be solved until the normal work of the the financial provider is restored after the holidays.

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