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latest hyip news digest march 27 2017
Latest news about 50Ex webinar, MerchantInvest adds NixMoney, contest from Legend Investment, TradeExPro, Flexibit, MarketofBitcoin representative program
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Latest news about 50Ex webinar, MerchantInvest adds NixMoney, contest from Legend Investment, TradeExPro, Flexibit, MarketofBitcoin representative program

50EX held the first German webinar at 8 o'clock German time! The program is growing rapidly and enjoying vast popularity among investors online, German ones in particular. So on March 25 at 6pm German time all the details about the project have been discusses and the organization was presented.

MerchantInvest adds NixMoney as another payment gateway and way to make a deposit and complete withdrawals. The choice of NixMoney has been made after numerous requests from the members. So can now be used for deposits and withdrawals.

TradeExPro starts PROMO stock and plays out deposits for up to $5000! The terms are very simple, you need to record a video about the company and its investment offers, upload the video to your Youtube channel and send link to the corporate e-mail.
The participants whose video will gain the most likes and views on youtube, will receive:
For the first place a deposit of $ 3000 + rank PRO
Second place 1500 $ + rank PLATINUM
Third place is 500 $ + rank GOLD

The results of the competition will be announced on April 1. There is also one special term: only the new videos are accepted. Likes and views should only be from real people. Participants with non-real data will be excluded from the competition automatically.

Legend Investment listed at HyipNews for 17 days has announced the competition of reposts in Facebook with a prize fund of 1 BTC: 1st place: 0.5 bitcoin, 2nd place: 0.25 bitcoin, 3rd place: 0.25 bitcoin. The results of a competition will be summed up on April 20, 2017 by means of a random. The details of the competition can be seen in the official Facebook group of the project, following the address:

Another update from Legend Investment is extremely pleasant for the Turkish speaking investors of the project. Since recently the website is available for access in Turkish language localization. Soon enough more localizations will be added such as: French, Czech, German, Polish and a number of other language versions.

MarketofBitcoin starts regional representative program with special referral commission is 12%-1%-1%. It's multi-level as you can see and a great opportunity to earn extra commission from your referrals. As a bonus to regional representatives, $100 bonus is given out for bringing 20+ active referrals.

FlexiBit completes 60 days since its launch. The admin is thankful for the support and trust from the members and promises to keep on developing the project for better cooperation between customers and management with the main purpose to improve user experience. With this purpose most active users will be contacted for feedback. Also the head of the project announces Referral Marathon to last till the end of March, 31st. The total allocated budget for this promotion is 10 BTC. More details can be seen on Facebook page. If you have more questions you can always contact the support via e-mail or in the Live Chat.

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