Updated: 02/19/2018 16:14
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latest hyip news digest february 19 2018
Learn the latest news about the new payment systems added at Energy Cars Revolution, NobleDDoS concept, Partisan Capital new plans, Jazzle Games updates
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Learn the latest news about the new payment systems added at Energy Cars Revolution, NobleDDoS concept, Partisan Capital new plans, Jazzle Games updates

Check the latest news from the hyips below. Energy Cars Revolution listed at HyipNews for 11 days added new payment systems. Expanding its activity the project added Ethereum, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash and Dash crypto-currencies as the ways to make deposits and withdrawals. The team of the project looks forward this innovation will be in demand and useful for every member. In the near future there are also plans to add more alternative payment systems as well.

Jazzle Games listed at HyipNews for 17 days is also expanding its activity and prepared a number of news updates to the members. In just 17 days of work in the project more than half a million dollars have been invested, namely USD 698,083, 13,852 investors have bene attracted, USD 132,178 have been paid out in profits. There is a notification on adding the new Kazakh version of the website. Apart from that having extensive experience and perfectly thought-out marketing system, the referral program that allows earning more profit from the project has been developed. A 5-tier system to encourage Representatives has been implemented. Now the First Level Representative receives 12% of the referral reward from the deposit of the investor he attracts.

NobleDDoS is having an interesting concept. The program claims to be earning money from attacking fraudulent websites. So as the latest news from the project say recently they attacked a fraudulent resource that says that it is engaged in currency exchange, but in fact deceives people. The name of the website attacked is Netex24.

Partisan Capital added 3 new plans to the investment line, in two of which the deposit is included in payments and runs for 15 days (8.5% daily from $ 50) and 30 days (5.75% daily from $ 200). The third plan works on the principle of a piggy bank, a profit of 2.5% per day for an indefinite period, with the possibility to withdraw the entire deposit or part thereof at any time with a commission of 10% of the amount, after 40 days the withdrawal is possible without a commission, the deposit to this plan starts from $ 100.

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