Updated: 02/20/2019 10:57
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Latest cryptocurrency review, growing trend observed, Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Ripple growing
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Latest cryptocurrency review, growing trend observed, Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Ripple growing

Growth in the cryptocurrency market continued. The main indicator has come close to the maximum values since the beginning of the year. Currently, capitalization is $134 billion, which is 7% higher than it used to be on Monday. As previously, we see that in a number of tools there is an individual character of the movement without being tied to the market leaders, which indicates the investors' point of interest in various start-ups. The news background is neutral. Trades are completed with increased volumes on most cryptocurrencies.


The price of BTC, as it was supposed, continued the upward movement and on the new impulse the quotes approached closely the level of $4000. In the case of a level breakthrough, perhaps another impulse will follow, however, judging by the current price and volume dynamics, the probability of such a scenario in the near future is getting lower. Now the movement is still developing within the upward trend, so we consider it a reasonable decision to hold the position with a stop just below $3,860.


ETH has also grown, but at the moment the technical picture looks like it is better to cover positions until the end of the correction. In recent days, the pair showed one of the best results, but it is worth noting that, according to our observations, many participants became infected with excessive optimism, which most likely will not allow the coin to grow further without a good correction. New entry points will be formed later, but for now it is better to take the profit and just watch the dynamics from the side for a while.


XRP broke through resistance at $0.315, which opened a window to form a position in this coin. However, the volatility here also increased, and the size of the position in the portfolio, of course, must take this fact into account. The volatility indicators assume in case of using the classic trailing stop, in any case, the position would be closed with a very small profit. Holding the position with the stop below local minimums would result in an approximately comparable result. Therefore, despite the visibility of the impulse in the instrument, it would hardly have been possible to make money on this other than to close by take-profit, but there were no obvious reasons for using it at the moment of reaching the highs. As a result, there is a position in XRP about half the allowed limit, with a stop below the red line.


But the EOS dynamics, on the contrary, pleased the speculators. During the breakdown of resistance in the region of $3, the participants were given the opportunity to open a decent volume position with a low risk. We believe that now it makes sense to be patient and hold a position with a stop at $3.45, because after some consolidation we see a high probability of continued growth. A purchase in the coin is preserved, and this factor should be used to trade to the maximum, especially given the fact that traders have not seen a good technical growing trend for quite a long time.


In LTC, the price passed resistance at $47, but the impulse, as in EOS, did not work out. While the movement develops in a narrow range. And then everyone decides for himself based on the individual characteristics of sensitivity to risk - you can either get out of the position and wait for confirmation of further direction of movement, or stay in position with a stop below $46.5. In the case of passing the price level of $51, it is recommended to buy again.

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