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Do investors need anonymity, How to ensure confidentiality and security when investing, How are admins hiding, learn more here
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Do investors need anonymity, How to ensure confidentiality and security when investing, How are admins hiding, learn more here

There is quite a number of articles devoted to anonymity and the protection of your data on the Internet, and in recent years this topic has become particularly relevant. Even if you have nothing to hide and you do not conduct any illegal activities, but simply invest in HYIPs, you still should not forget about confidentiality. How it is provided by investors and HYIP admins - read the article below.

Do investors need anonymity?

Working with HYIPs, we somehow provide certain information about ourselves. In the process of registration, we are offered to mention the full name, residential address and e-mail, in the course of making a deposit we reveal our wallets in payment systems. And just by visiting the website of the HYIP investment program, we even unknowingly reveal a lot of data about our location, IP address, browser, etc. Sharing such information can be unsafe, because you can become easy prey for all sorts of fraudulent activities:

- After you specify your real email address in the hyip, it will become a trash box, which will receive a variety of spam. The fact is that many admins collect investor bases and then successfully sell them to someone or use to advertise their subsequent projects.

• Regarding e-mail: you can face more troubles. For example, if you have a common mailbox for both payments and HYIPs, and you also set the same password on every resource, then if your e-mail is hacked, you can say goodbye to wallets and money stored there.
• Knowing your real name and location data, attackers can easily identify you as an individual. Indeed, at the present time we indicate a lot of information about ourselves in various social networks. How dangerous can it be - one can only guess.
• If the HYIP site is not protected by secure SSL encryption, then making a payment, especially using a bank card, is very dangerous. Let's not forget that often under the name of a well-known HYIP a phishing site can be hidden, which will be very happy to receive a deposit from you.
• If you are obsessed with anonymity online, then using cryptocurrency in HYIPs is unsafe, unless you make payments with coins with increased anonymity. It is no secret that the blockchain of Bitcoin or Ethereum contain all the information about addresses and transactions. In some cases it is even less safe to work with cryptocoins than to pay in cash, how to protect yourself you can read in this article.

As you can see, the provision of information carries a certain danger itself, therefore not only admins, but also investors should be given due confidentiality and anything possible to protect themselves and their money. The sphere of high-yield investments in itself carries risks for your funds and you should not put yourself under additional threat due to negligence.

How to ensure confidentiality and security when investing?

Many investors use VPN services to visit HYIP resources to hide real-IP and location information. Of course, if you don't turn on VPN, it doesn't mean that you will be tracked by IP and will certainly be found. It's just as simple as if you want to keep as few traces as possible on the network and be completely sure of your privacy, then such precautions will not be superfluous.

One of the most relevant methods to protect personal information will be to use a special mailbox for HYIPs. If you do not want to litter the main email-address and receive spam from various sources, then it is not necessary to "uncover" this mailbox. You can create an additional account and specify it in the process of working with hyip investment projects. For payments, we advise you to use a separate mail at all, which you will not indicate anywhere else that will allow you to save your wallets.

A separate category of investors indicates non-existing email addresses, thus trying to protect themselves from spam. Although this option can work out for some projects that do not require confirmation of the e-mail address, but you should not do like that. Firstly, you will not be able to receive notifications from the project, for example, about changes in tariffs or promotions. Secondly, if you suddenly lose your password, then you will not be able to restore it without e-mail.

As for the security of payment data, then there is no need to say that you need to be especially vigilant. Always pay attention to the presence of data encryption, as well as check the domain name of the HYIP, so as not to accidentally get to the phishing site. Especially be careful when making a deposit from a bank card and do not indicate the PIN code, CVC/CVV2 code, card validity period in combination with the name of its holder directly on the website of the hyip. This information is superfluous and may be used for fraudulent purposes.

It's no secret that for each project you need to come up with a strong password. It is very important not to use the same registration data for different projects. In the history of the HYIP industry more than once there were cases when the admin took advantages of knowing the user's password in his project in order to withdraw money from his accounts in other HYIPs. And not only investors but also bloggers came across this.

Separately, it needs to be be said that a pack of fraudsters is operating in the network, they thrive especially in Telegram and Skype. Often, these fraudsters open accounts, copying bloggers or project admins, and start offering some services or simply cheat naive investors of their money. Therefore, for your own safety, it is better to ignore contacts with all sorts of dubious personalities who write to you, and to get contacts you need to use a reliable source - a search in Telegram or Skype does not apply to such.

How are admins hiding?

HYIP admins can rightfully be considered the geniuses of conspiracy, who perfectly mastered the skill of hiding their data. Depending on the level of the administrator and his experience, a variety of encryption methods can be used, because if an investor working with HYIPs can only bear an indirect threat, then the admins need to be able to sweep tracks well.

First of all, a smart admin will never show his real data. In this case, he will need not only paid VPN, but also the drop documents. To register a bogus company in the UK or Australia, no one will use a real passport, and for passing verification in the payment systems other people's documents are provided. Needless to say, such admins have special schemes for withdrawing and cashing their profit.

Many owners of large and famous projects not only change the city of residence during their work, but sometimes even the country. As for admin-beginners, some of them may not even realize that besides VPN there are other methods to protect themselves and without embarrassment disclose personal information. We may guess what consequences this may have for the admins.

Investors have no need to resort to special methods of anonymization, but you should not forget about the security and protection of personal information either. Good luck and may your investments be safe and sound!

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