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Updated: 02/25/2014 16:26
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Welcome to the HYIP Informational Survey #300. It's the anniversary today and we are glad to work for you. This Tuesday we are glad to provide you, dear readers, with the updated list of TOP 10 programs listed at HYIPNews. This time we are back facing nearly the same situation, when almost all programs that used to be on TOP are now on TOP as well. Two more programs have been added to Openings section. They are both Premium listed. See the details about them below.

The number of Problem programs today is a bit larger than it was than last Friday. Moreover, none of programs, which were included in the Problems section last Friday has recovered from problems and absolute majority of them have remained problem.

As for Events section it is rather informative today, for some news have been posted by HYIPs online within the weekend about the promos, the changes of services provided etc. See the Events section for more details. The HYIP Today section proudly delivers the new updated TOP 5 of the most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews.com. This time there are two newcomers in this section. Want to learn more? Please take some time to read through the HYIP Informational Survey #300 below:

Top Choice Let's have a look at the list of TOP 10 programs listed at HYIPNews. Apart from United HYIP League there are no sticky listed programs, which is why there is no division into subsections.

HyipNews Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. United HYIP League Listed: 522 daysProfit: 2.5-10% daily 350-750% after 35-75 days!Term: up to 75 calendar days!
2. Mutual Wealth Listed: 403 daysProfit: 2-8% per week!Term: for lifetime!
3. Bank of Belize Listed: 213 daysProfit: 4% weekly!Term: up to 500 calendar days!
4. Inv Global Listed: 168 daysProfit: 1.2-2.5% daily!Term: up to 120 business days!
5. Dublin Cryptory Listed: 110 daysProfit: 0.33-0.5% daily!Term: for lifetime!
6. Royal Earn Listed: 102 daysProfit: 8-11% daily!Term: up to 15 business days!
7. In-india Listed: 225 daysProfit: 3% weekly for lifetime!Term: up to 365 calendar days!
8. FINANC Group Listed: 125 daysProfit: 1.4-1.8% daily!Term: up to 90 business days!
9. FX-9 Listed: 131 daysProfit: 2.3-2.9% daily 179-299% after up to 49 days!Term: up to 79 calendar days!
10. Kings of Profit Listed: 84 daysProfit: 130-1100% after 1-16 days!Term: up to 52 calendar days!

This Tuesday we are glad to provide you, dear members, with the updated list of TOP 10 programs listed at HYIPNews. This time we are back facing nearly the same situation, when almost all programs that used to be on TOP are now on TOP as well. Still there changes, particularlyFX-9 has moved down to the 9th position in the rating. As i have mentioned on top there is only one Sticky listed program today, United HYIP League, and hence it is located on the first place.

Openings Please have a look at the short list of the new programs added to HYIPNews listing. Today there are 2 new programs added to HYIPNews lately. The number is not large, as well as the list of those appeared online within the weekend.

Taraxo Group 1-5% daily up to 70 calendar days!
MDLFund 131-604% after 1-15 days!

9hours-profit Bitcointripler Bitcoinzones Brb-group Cargoinvestment Cash-racer Eccoprix Fxrevolution Hinehardy Hyiproads Instantflux Inv-options2 Lobona Mig-bank Nisourceinc Pingawork Profitmoney Super-five Top-company Work-couch

Dear readers, we are glad to present you with two new programs added to HYIPNews listing. Both of these two programs are Premium listed. One program,Taraxo Group is a typical medium term program with average interest rates as for theMDLFund HYIP, it is an ordinary "fast", where to goo point to enter is now at the very launch of the site. One week later it may be too late.

Problems Please have a look at the updated list of Problem programs. The number of Problem programs today is a bit larger than it was than last Friday. Moreover, none of programs, which were included in the Problems section last Friday has recovered from problems and absolute majority of them have remained problem. Some have been moved to Closures section.

Fran Investment - not paying
Endless Investment - not paying
Afsa Investment - not paying
Engineer Investments - not paying
Hunting-Fund - not paying
E-Profitex - not paying
Stamp Pool Inc - not paying
INVHYIPS - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Capital Turbo Ltd (622 days), E-Commerce Palce (199 days), Game Profits (8 days), Maxim FX Group (13 days), Valencia Finance House (23 days), Smtl Ltd (725 days), BluOro (28 days).

Events BTCArbs is a new program launched last week. There's a feeling the HYIP tries to look a unique one, trading BitCoins, at least according to the legend posted on the website of the project. The profit they make depends on the difference of the exchange rates, and such a difference lets them make 1%-10% profit daily. After the profit is generated it is moved to members' accounts automatically and becomes part of the principal. All profits are compounded until you decide to withdraw them, so, theoretically, you increase your future earnings by allowing your principal to grow. After the last weekend many investors of BTCArbs could feel happy as the combined result was 5.06%: 3.02% profit received on Saturday, and 2.04% on Sunday.

FINANC Group has posted the news update informing of multiple requests from their users, who have trouble accessing the website. As the temporal solution until things are cleared out, there's a recommendation posted to use the Tor browser for accessing theFINANC Group website. The reason for using Tor is anonymous surfing on the web. So it's been prompted that in case of using Tor, no access problems will occur.

BettCoin has presented the video presentation of the project in Russian language. Currently video presentation is only available in Russian, still more languages are promised to be added soon.

BarclaysRoyalClub has issued a large news update concerning the main events that are taking place at the company. First of all there's a notification on completing the first investment cycle. After crossing the 26 days online all investors, who deposited within first two days after the program's launch got already 190% to 210% from their investment. Day by day more and more early investors are getting the profit.

At the same time there's a report about low activity of investors to the project. BarclaysRoyalClub is obviously lack of new deposits on weekends days, and hence to spur the deposit activity, the admin has reported on launching the new bonus program, due to the terms of which 10% bonus is added to any deposit made from Friday 6:00 PM GMT till Sunday 11:00 PM GMT. Bonus points will be added to your account automatically, right after a deposit was paid. The Weekend Bonus program has started. It will be informed later about the end of the Bonus Promo.

The CashLab admin has reported about great performance and development of the HYIP. He says the members are active on forums and post payment proofs, inviting everyone to join the project. Everyone is encouraged to do the same to strengthen the program.

Sodis has updated the members on latest progress and status of the program. As reported within last two weeks, the program has been experiencing significant growth of new investors, which is as reported thanks to a promising situation with Bitcoin and Bitcoin payments. Around 40% of all payments made to Sodis are completed in Bitcoins, and the admin is happy about the fact Bitcoin is leading the race in this aspect.

Apart from Bitcoin, it's been reported that Altcoins trading is becoming really profitable. Nowadays a new altcoin pops up almost every day. Sodis is using some techniques developed for stock trading to trade altcoins, which seem to be rather successful. The daily profit is claimed to be around 100%. It looks extremely high, though for this market it is a common situation.

As reported for many people: "...investing with cryptos is still quite cumbersome...". That is why,Sodis also offers bank wire deposits, using direct bank transfers for those afraid of in and out exchange rates of cryptocurrenies. There's also a notification that all fees for bank wire deposits have been scrapped, which saves decent amount of money in some cases. Such a step towards the clients has caused positive feedback from the clients of the company.

Currently there are lots of individuals willing to promote the project and hence the admin has reported on opening Regional Representative program. Every active promoter is free to apply and get hired for the post of regional representative and get increased referral bonus (15%). For more information about the representative program feel free to contact the admin of Sodis.

X-AXIS has been three weeks online. As for HYIPNews listing it was added 15 days ago. Maximum daily profit declared to be paid to investors is 4%. So far the project is having Paying status with our hyip monitor and hence, we have nothing bad to say about its development and performance.

As reported the website is growing and moves forward. The project has been initially started with a custom script. After three weeks of testing, there are things to improve and they are clearly seen as reported by he admin in the latest newsletter. The website can be nore than just another 4 plan website.

The admin is seeing it being a more advertising for similar services and forex brokers. As reported, the project has its own advertising team, which is supposed to work on getting repeating business and allowing people to take advantage of the space and banner spots, whcih are going to be be introduced soon. Looks there are plans to transform the HYIP project into a HYIP monitor. We'll see how they make it... :)

Here are some details from the latest newsletter for you to understand better what the plans of the admin are: "...Making it a site that everyone can earn from. It could be Brokers or Admins, or REF LINKS that the Banner spots will be used for. The future looks great for us and i can see us become a world leader in helping everyone achieve financial success online. We are a site that does not depend on investments, and with Advertising, everyone wins. It really is PERFECT. We accept WU now and we also have our own Official BLOG..."

HYIP Today Today we need to admit the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs is absolutely different. Only the first two positions are stable. The rest members of TOP 5 are changed. Let's have a closer look below:

United HYIP League. After a hard slide this HYIP has faced at weekend, when the quotation index has fallen down to 186 points, hardly anyone could hope the project's rating will go up again. Fortunately it actually did and recovered its previous positions. The quotation index has even become higher than it used to be before the slide. Current index is 243 and seems to be rising.

Inside Forex Group. This HYIP has been showing rather stable performance within the weekend. The quotation index has either been fallen a bit and then rising back again. Things were going on like that on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And then the quotation index has jumped roughly up to 237 points on Monday from 221 it used to be on Sunday. So, still on TOP and still taking the second place.

Kings of Profit. This program has returned to the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs to the third place. Things have not been that optimistic on Thursday and Saturday when the project has been in declining trend at 142 points. Fortunately for the investors of this HYIP on Sunday the declining trend has been changed with the rising one. And within two days the quotation index has jumped up to 187 points, which is more than a 40 points rise. Congratulations!

RemiTrade. This HYIP has shown the example of stable and continuous growth of the quotation index within last days. On Thursday the index was 147 points. Starting from the following day and within the entire weekend it has been gradually rising first to 152, then to 155 and ultimately it stopped on the mark of 173 points. Amazing result and stable performance!

ApexBinary. Another rising trend on the list. Unlike the previous program, the rise of this HYIP has been more sudden. It has been going smooth enough on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The quotation index has been altering between 136 and 138 points. Even on Sunday the growth could not be foresee, when it fell down to 135 points. And then suddenly on Monday the quotation index has jumped 30 points up and moves this HYIP to the 5th place of the most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews.com. Congratulations!

So, as you can see, there are great changes in the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs currently listed at HYIPNews.com. The first two:United HYIP League andInside Forex Group still remain the only two with the index above 200 and thus taking the lead. And starting from the third place changes are great. First of all, we must say about the comeback to the TOP ofKings of Profit HYIP. It's worth being there. Last two positions are taken by the newcomers thanks to the great growth and rising trend detected.

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