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Deposit min/max: $10 / $50.000
Profit: 130-230% after 1-3 days,
630-1300% after 7-14 days!
Withdrawal: manual
Referral: 5%
Our investment: $100
daily payout: $30 calendar
ROI: not in profit
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Provident Inv offers stable long-term investment opportunities for all people around the globe. Investing, broadly is laying out money or capital in a company with the expectation of profit. Also banks do that but banks interest rates are very low compared to other options like Forex trading. Forex trading ist the key to gain higher profits. We offer an oppertunity to invest in the forex market.

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The analytics given below gives visual image of the correlation ratio between deposits to interest payouts and profit earned, as well as the dates and amounts of dividends payments.
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Below we quote some information from the site of their business principles and history.
We aim to deliver powerful and risk-adjusted investment returns to our investors, achieving consistent performance through the quality of our people and experience. Investments in Provident Inv will insure you from doubtful investments and will let you to get an access to an important for the company market segment within the framework of business diversification strategy.

Achieving the goals of our investors
Provident Inv is a company which makes a good use of available high intellectual and technical potential as well as an enormous experience in the area of investments on the inter-bank market of currency exchange. We regard making conditions for serene life, stable income and successful business of our clients as our obligation.

Nature gave a person everything for development of life but it is powerless in principal desire of mankind - in desire of richness. As a result of this, all powerful potential of our company is directed to achievement of the main goal of our investors. Surely, our customers' confidence is a great responsibility for us. And we realize well a scale of such responsibility.

Technology and knowledge
Provident Inv has an outgoing reliable trade technology by means of which operations are carried on, our technical department is constantly exploring and analyzing market behavior, this knowledge is used for improvement of current trade system as well as creation of new ones.

At the present time the switch is carried out to new quality policy of Provident Inv development. Hereinafter the main increase of financial performance will be achieved by means of improving the management system and planning system, dynamic implementation of new technologies, services, integrated financial management system. Provident Inv holds its mission the most effective and well-balanced usage of investments, the performance of work with the highest level of reliability.

The strategic goal is making FFG a leader among worldwide companies on global forex market. Provident Inv realizes gradual strategy of build-up of its presence on the global forex market. This allows expanding geography of company operation. If several years ago Provident Inv implemented its plans in the North and South America then at the moment Provident Inv actively uses European exchange scope; this year a powerful impulse was received for our further diversification at scope of Asia. Trade Contract,LLC improves corporate structure of management. A reform is referred to the increase the effectiveness of Provident Inv work as vertically integrated company.

Despite of immensity and complexity of tasks, set in front of Provident Inv, there are all presuppositions for its further successful development.

The important feature of forex market is stability. Everyone knows that the main feature of a stock market - its sudden falls. But as opposed to the stock market, forex doesn't fall. If stocks went down in value, it's wreck. And if a dollar has fallen in value, it just means that other currency has become stronger. Exactly therein lay the strength of the market and relevant business: currency is an absolutely liquid goods and it will always be traded.

But there are also popular pitfalls, e.g. that operations on the market are an analogue of gambling: players make their parlays, somebody wins, and moreover a lot of money at once, others lose. Consequently, risks are very high. But Provident Inv is not gambling as at bottom of fluctuation of exchange rates there are definite regularities. Firstly, currency value depends on economic indicators of a country, and secondly, this value is defined by preferences and expectations of market participants. Though it is complex but it is possible to predict. Direct work on the market proves this as long as its analysis has more objective in it that accidental.

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