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[gpt] Incase you didn't get the mass email. Good Morning everyone. I have a few updates for you all. I have mailed out two more packages today. Jnc...

Incase you didn't get the mass email. Good Morning everyone. I have a few updates for you all. I have mailed out two more packages today. Jnc your fishing gift basket is on its way and Amywantscash your auto basket is on its way (its coming in two shipments).

For the birthday Items. I owe Jnc880 a $20 paypal and aandsmommy a $10 walmart card, and once them are paid we will move onto the point request here on monkies and then the cashouts. So we are moving right along. Christmas Bingo Starts today! I have lowered the amount of prizes and the number of prizes since we haven't had very many completing offers. Please Check the forum for more info on that.

Make sure you all pay close attention to our calendar. This will tell you where we are in the month. It will also let you know days I wont be on here much. If you notice on Thanksgiving, Bingo words will be called in the am Only. That Friday I will not be calling out any words bc I will be standing in the typical sleet and snow at 3am waiting hours for the stores to open. I know crazy right? But hey, you have to do what you can afford. lol.

On another note. This Christmas my family has received some bad news. Last week my grandma had to have surgery due to previous breast cancer. My husband had to take time off work and drive his dad 8 hours to another state because his Uncle is dying. Along with that, last week My aunt has been diagnosed with Breast cancer. She has to have both breast removed. I wont go into details on it, but its going to be pretty bad. She lives about 3 minutes from me. So I will be the one to take care of her. She wont have any use of her arms for at least a week and she will have lots of weeks of recovery. So I will be in and out when this happens. We don't know a surgery date as of yet, but they are looking for it to be around the first week of December. My husband may need to head back out of state when his Uncle passes for the funeral as well, so I may not have much help here at home.

I have been dealing with my aunt all this week and helping out with my grandma, so I haven't been around as much as I am sure you all have noticed. She is also currently going through a divorce, so times have been really hard on her lately. We get her through one problem only to find out here's another. I have faith though and everything will turn out okay. So if I don't answer tickets as quick as normal , please be patient as my family is having a hard time this year. What ever day she has her surgery, I probably wont be on until that night and it will probably be just to place bingo words up. Along with that my grandma is not in good health , so she has elected me to do her Christmas shopping.

I will probably end up doing my aunts as well along with my own. So Its going to be a really crazy month. I will still try and keep the site running smooth, but things will just be a little slow and I hope that you all can understand this. If you have any issues that need response to fast, please make use of our forum. We have a great Admin over there, and she can contact me faster if needed. I will try and mark on the calendar what times I will be here around, or something along them lines. This way your not sitting here waiting for me to call words and I am not even home. Okay now, Let the games begin and good luck to all!

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