Updated: 12/07/2008 20:00
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As you know, yesterday PanaMoney has published the official statement about nonparticipation to Tradeline project. This statement has appeared

As you know, yesterday PanaMoney has published the official statement about non-participation to Tradeline project. This statement has appeared because of the fact, that in the beginning of December redirected a user to The site is under DDOS attack and unavailable. Our colleagues from EcomerceJournal said it looks like that one man stands behind these two projects, in a such way he is trying to save the project's traffic, which is under DDOS attack. As for me, I think that's not true.

First of all, if i'm not mistaken (technically educated readers will correct me), when the DDOS attack happen the redirecting from a one of project to another - is the last thing that should be done. Because with a "useful" traffic, the "useless, dangerous" traffic is also redirecting. By the way, don't forget that a person should be stupid one for not to connect together these two projects, if while the entering to the one site, appears another one. Plus make the investment after that. It's a useless thing to hope that the investor will invest his money in a one of two projects.

As for me, I think everything is very simple. The Tridelite being "attacked" by the PanaMoney project, had just made a revenge to PanaMoney, first of all, spread the gossip and worries and the second one, was redirecting on it the dangerous DDOS traffic. Of course, my guess needs a experienced comment, but it seems more realistic. Besides, we can see the result - PanaMoney is also unavailable as the Tradelite. "OVERLOAD" both these projects seems to me a stupid idea, don't you think so?

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