Updated: 04/18/2009 23:26
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Sorry to disturb you, but newsletter time.
I want to inform you that we have been attacked again. I think the other DDOS was just a test for KODDOS. Now ImperialFinances has been down for almost 1 hour, but due to KODDOS’s professionalism everything is ok now. Anyway, he asked me if I want to move ImperialFinances to a dedicated server with 2Gbps DDOS protection and guess what? I said YES. I don’t know exactly when site will be moved, but you will know with at least 24 hours before this happens. I guess in next few days everything will be ready.

Why are we attacked? There could be some reasons(my opinions only):
#1 Like I said yesterday, attack didn’t come from hyip365. They can’t create such massive attacks. This attack was enormous, even for 700Mbps bandwidth. Jealous admins are paying for these attacks to put us down. But now the $1,000,000 question? Can someone put ImperialFinances down with a DDOS? NO. If is necessary ImperialFinances will be moved to extreme protection: 5Gbps DDOS protection. Yes, I am not dreaming. 5Gbps DEDICATED.
#2 My other idea, is that the real target wasn’t ImperialFinaces. Main goal was to test KODDOS’s server and their protection. In the past when other hosting company launched, had same problems with another well known hosting(I can’t tell their names, but some of you know what I am talking about).

I understand you are now worried about your investments. But, I guarantee there is nothing to worry about. ImperialFinances is here and will be here. Why are funds 100% secured? Because I don’t use API interface when making payments. I am using direct payments or SCI interface. Passwords are generated by a software and the smallest password has only 16 mixed chars. Try to crack it, could take at least a few months.

Honestly, I never thought ImperialFinances will be such a great success:
- Alexa rank hit 35,000 in only 3 days after launch (amazing)
- 234 members at this moment (34 new members since yesterday at this time, for a hyip with average rates this is real success)
- most of our new members invest in 20 or 30 days plan, and this is means one thing: TRUST.
I think this is all for today. Have a great day.

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