Updated: 06/04/2009 23:37
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USDozen is a promising autosurfing by Roger Miller , which has started it's work in the beginning of the May (6th) , and finished the work yesterday...

USDozen - is a promising autosurfing by Roger Miller, which has started it's work in the beginning of the May (6th) , and finished the work yesterday, with a following message of administrator: “USDozen Ends. Due to the slow progress and growth of the program. I have decided to disable upgrading now and processed what cashouts I am able to complete with the remaining funds.

As far as we know, the administrator is really proceed with paying the percents and giving other invested resources. The collapse of the USDozen was a big suddenness, because according to the all operation factors they should become a successful project. USDozen was offering 1% daily for the viewing of 11 pages during 11 days. Maybe, Roger wanted to get on the highest level?

The author of the blog thinks that probably in the future we will have "the second appearing" in the form of the another autosurfing site. So, the main thing is that all invested money would be given back.

I do not know what next step to take but we should discuss it if you think I should still make one. Ok , please give me the next hours to accomplish some tasks and I will be back later.

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