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In many cases a program which having started its work as a public project, finishes as a private one This mostly happens when the program actually

In many cases a program which having started its work as a public project, finishes as a private one. This mostly happens when the program actually fails. In other words when it's being closed. It seems like Aballong has decided to expand the list of options. At the beginning of its work they've decided not to build up the number of investors and stop at 250 by now. Will they be opened or not remains a mystery for now. We'll try to find out whether it's temporary measures or not. Meanwhile you can read an interview (here) and decide if you want to join those 250 investors.

I like to bring to mind we are closing for new investors to sign up after we reached 250 active investors, we have at these moment 207 active investors, and reach the 250 Level around Friday or Saturday if the grow is like in the last few days. We also deleted everyone what signed up longer than 72 hours ago and did not make his investment yet.

Please be informed that we will delete everyone who signed up and do not invest within 72 hours, or before we reach 250 active investors.

We also have for this pool $45000 as a maximum investment, we also believe that this amount is reached soon. So once reached $45000 as a pool, we will close the deposit link in the member area. Once we are more familiar to move money within more bookies, we might open a second pool, but at the moment Pool 1 is all we offer. So expect the deposit link to be removed once we reached this amount. We are getting many support tickets about accepting deposits in the future as an active investor, and I need to say, we will accept more once we open and verify more bookies, but pool 1 is all we offer at this moment.

Please be advised, it not help us to just getting new members, but placing our bets in time and after our arbitration rule situation. We also need to exchange money and have them on our e-payment account's in time to make payments. So our principle here is quality not quantity.


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