Updated: 08/11/2010 16:00
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PrivateDiamondClub ( is quite an unusual phenomenon in the field of highyield investments. This project appeared three months ago and it...

PrivateDiamondClub ( is quite an unusual phenomenon in the field of high-yield investments. This project appeared three months ago and it has been offering 1% daily; 5.5% weekly; 26% monthly.

They have done a number of quite unusual things during their development. For example, they have been constantly shooting videos of their trading journeys and posting them together with the news. For example, they completely redesigned their website, after been online for only a few months. They even were offline and didn't pay for about a week, and then returned and resumed their work.

All this time has maintained close contact with Lars von Oldberg (the founder of the Private Diamond Club) and we have been even monitoring their work. But there were some problems with our cooperation at first because of the problems with PDC's e-mail, and then because of the Lars's lack of time. Well, there is no unambiguous opinion in terms of evaluating their work.

That is why we have always treated this project with a bit of caution and you can find a lot of warnings on investing in this project. It has started looking like this confusion came to an end recently, but now it seems they have come to a definitive end, because the situation became clearer.

Selective payouts is the first truly confirmed warning and a very clear warning, which PDC receives.

A warning which we willingly agree with. And now we will wait. Be careful. It is most likely to be true.

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