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A project which holds the highest positions on various HYIPmonitors! A project which has recommended itself as the secured and safe HYIP program! A...

Cherry_LogoA project which holds the highest positions on various HYIPmonitors! A project which has recommended itself as the secured and safe HYIP program! A project which successfully works for almost 3 years now! A project which launched its forum for different investors discussions! Well, we think that's enough to keep you in suspense and probably most of you have already guessed that it is all about...

The site, that many of you have already perused, seems to be quite modest, unlike many projects that spend a lot of money and much time on designing and other features. However, nicely re-made customized script, which is adopted for the needs of clients and administration is hiding behind that simple (at a first sight) website. This slogan is also realized in the filling out and content of . There is only information that's really actual for an investor on the site. And what is so important for the site is that all that information is arranged exactly where it needs to be, creating the impression of being organized with integrity and with official tone.

Except that, it is multi-lingual, supporting three languages, provided with DDoS protection and SSL encryption. The domain will expire on 2011/11/15 and is hosted on dedicated server from one of the industry leader BlockDos. CherryShares accepts payments from the most popular payment processors such as Perfect Money, Alert Pay and Liberty Reserve. It is also possible to make transactions via Bank wires.

And now we will discuss investment plans that CherryShares is proud to present us. From the very beginning I must warn you that in some of investment plans you have to compound a bit differently than in most HYIPs. As the result you get less interest rate than it is declared by the company. The basic plan for CherryShares (without which we could not even imagine their project) is a weekly plan. Exactly that plan was the first and the main in the work of the company since the very beginning. It is called 'Short-term' plan.The plan, as I already have saidis designed for a week, offering you 5,8% of ROI weekly. The minimum amount to invest is $50. You will get back 50% of the short-term balance after 2-week pay periods and 100% after 3-week pay periods. That means that your profit will be charged on the special account, and there is a certain procedure of withdrawal. That circumstance concerns all plans in the project, that's why we recommend you keeping this detail in your mind and to understand all the gaps and limitations that you will reckon with.

The following plan is offered for investors who are willing to invest a lot. The minimum amount here is $5,000 with no maximum. And as Cherry states, they handle amounts up to $10,000,000.00 USD per week, so maybe it is among popular. So the name of the plan is 'Medium-term'. Which is designed for people who want to earn much in a short period of time, that is 50-week pay periods. With anytime possibility to withdraw your profit. The compounding here is the option upon request.

The last of the basic plans with which the project has started its online investment activity is 'Long-term'. $20,000.00 if you want to join. 9.9% weekly. Optional compounding. In Long-term plan the possibility to withdraw comes only after investment period ends. The period itself is 75-weeks, which is longer than the program has been online. If you had invested in the very beginning of Cherryshares existence (for example the minimum amount) you would be getting 9,9*75 weeks = $148,400 and that's even without compounding. And it's even difficult to calculate that amount :) I can only add that withdrawal processing time is under 12 hours.

After CherryShares had asserted itself, they added a plan with a single day distribution of dividends and a new investment plan was introduced on May 5, 2010. It is called "Daily" because it offers 1.1% per calendar day. I would call the most common and the only short-term among the plans. The minimum amount here starts with $50. This plan allows you to invest funds with possibility of daily interest withdrawal. Now about the compounding tip option. In Cherryshares you have the option to compound only 50% of daily interest, the remaining balance will be paid to your account. So, for example if you invest $100 in 'Daily' plan, they will turn into $101,10 the next day. But if you want to stay and to compound, they will do only $100,55.

You may also make money without investing, with the help of referral commissions, that is up to 25%! For more information you can reach the administration by sending a mail. Cherry Shares states that the largest payout for the referral program was 1,850,000.00 USD for a month's activity.

Cherry Shares is a real business making real money by engaging in trading activities around the world. Numerous testimonials and payments proofs on various forums and HYIP monitors are the best proofs of their successful business line. Instead of site, the company pays much attention to its promotion and image. The project is widely presented online and mainly on advanced positions: the topic is among sticky threads or their banner is on the most preferable places etc.

I think I should say following about Cherryshares site: 'Everything of genius is simple', as there are no other words to use? Or maybe the applicable proverb for them is 'All promises are either broken or kept'. The real result of program's work will be clear in the future, at least when 75 weeks pass. :)

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