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Today is Friday, which means that today you can read at HYIPNews.com the overview of all events that have happened over the past few days. In Friday's...
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Today is Friday, which means that today you can read at HYIPNews.com the overview of all events that have happened over the past few days. In Friday's...

Today is Friday, which means that today you can read at HYIPNews.com the overview of all events that have happened over the past few days. In Friday's issue of our regular HYIP Information Survey, we report about everything that happened in the middle of the week. If you know about something that we missed, we welcome your comments. Reputation points are credited for the most significant comments and it can be exchanged for real money. If you are interested in making money with HYIPNews.com. We wish you successful investing.

The following programs were awarded with public reference last week: PrimoEarnings (primoearnings.com), Able Assets (able-assets.com), SafeCapital.biz, Finansima.com, Able-Assets.com, Lionfunds.net, Londonstockinvest.com. Futuretraders (futuretraders.biz), Safetyinvestors (safetyinvestors.com), GoldMiningFund (goldminingfund.com) and Aguteragroup (aguteragroup.com). The programs called Greenvestment (greenvestment.biz) and Diamond Cash (diamondcash.org) were mentioned in overview at ECJ. We decided to publish the results of those overviews in Openings, because they are nothing more than just reference to programs. Greenvestment is the better one in this couple of projects. It won in ALL categories. There has also been another battle of investments project this week. This time Ice Cream Money (icecream-money.com) and Forex Traders Pool (forextraderspool.com) were compared. Icecream-money wins in 2 categories whereas Forextraderspool wins in five categories.

Problems. LrPmBrokers (lrpmbrokers.com), PrimitiveMoney (primitive-money.com) and ChristmasCracker (christmas-cracker.net) disappeared almost right after the launch and are still offline. Two of them are most likely closed. Of course, the third part is blamed. It is primarily about DdoS. In addition, suspicions fall on the host Dragonara, where both projects were hosted. AllianceAdvantage (alliance-advantage.com) was also offline due to Ddos attack (it is hosted on BlockDos) but now this website is available. Then they had problems with login on the website but they were also successfully solved.

Be careful. FiboTradePro (fibotradepro.com) systematically delays payments. It has been happening for about a month and happened at least three times. The delays usually did not exceed one day and were immediately resumed after the site received a negative status. Now the status is negative again and it seems like the administration will not be with us next year. The site is still online and deposits are accepted. Be careful.

Closures. Ackeworld (ackeworld.com) has been unexpectedly shut down. RealFunds (realfunds.net) has joined the list of programs that closed after introducing special offers: How to Treat Bonuses And Promotions in HYIP. One day, this project decided to offer a plan with such conditions: 120% -150% after 1 day and 200% after 2 days. Payments stopped 24 hours later.

HYIP Blogs. Yesterday Tony commented on the article published by another blogger Cody on December 12. In his article Cody criticizes a "Hit-n-Run" strategy according to which investors stop investing in program once they receive their first profit. Cody thinks that by acting according to this strategy, you do not let the administrator continue developing his project due to a sharp drop between the initial and subsequent amounts of capital. Instead, he offers to support interesting projects and moreover, to post feedback when you receive payments, which is actually difficult to disagree with.

Tony believes that a Hit & Run strategy is first of all, not as good as it seems to be. It does not guarantee earnings especially if you are a newbie. Secondly, it is not as dangerous as it seems to be. Programs with real investment opportunities are not affected by such actions on the part of investors. HYIPNews.com absolutely agrees with this statement, moreover, the program does not need to be legitimate for it to resist "Hit and Runners". It is enough to keep in reserve a certain portion of funds and not be greedy, putting all the invested money in the pockets! Next, Tony comments on the recommendations which Cody gives. He believes that following these recommendations contradicts the general principle of high-yield investing: Do not trust anyone. This article can be found http://hyipblogger.com/2193/scam-a-hyip/.

Events. The only event that has not been covered this week by HYIPNews.com and which is worthy of attention is, perhaps, reducing the minimum at Future Traders (futuretraders.biz). Until December 30, 2010, you can make a deposit starting from $10 (instead of $100).

HYIP Forums. A great heartrending story about a person who deceived his friend appeared on DTM. He mired him into HYIP (PTV partner) and stole $1100 (as far as it is clear from the context). The friends name is Aaron Coates, he offered a return of 150% after a month. As a result, four years of communication, trust and $1k disappeared from authors life whose name is arijit2. The text with full information about this case can be found here: http://www.dreamteammoney.com/index.php?showtopic=113280.

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