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Ogreenbackshares.compenings. WorldStockInvest 1.80 per cent for 90 days, UnionCapital 103 per cent% after 1 day

Ogreenbackshares.compenings. WorldStockInvest (worldstockinvest.com) 1.80 % for 90 days, UnionCapital (unioncapital.biz) 103% after 1 day, EasyProfitDay (easyprofitday.com) 20% for 6 days, ForexinvestmentExpert (forexinvestmentexpert.com) 125% after 1 day, Opulentia (opulentia.ch) 2.15% for 365 days, DominantFund (dominantfund.com) 106% after 1 day, ProjectSpline (spline-project.com) 0.1% 1.4% for 13 days, Earnhour (earnhour.com) 125% after 1 day, ForexTGroup (forextgroup.com) 3.5% - 5.5% for 150 days, WorldInvestmentFund (worldinvestmentfund.net) 115% after 5 days, InstantlyGains (instantly-gains.com) 105%-110% after 1 day, OIcommerce (oicommerce.com) 115% after 1 day, SafeCapital (safecapital.biz) 1,8% for 120 days, Fxpowerpro (fxpowerpro.com) 1.8% for 30 days, UnicornInv (unicorninv.com) 1% daily, Asset-Pay (asset-pay.net) 105% after 1 day, Kaleidoscope-Inv (kaleidoscope-inv.com) 105% 126% after 1 day, Dimogroup (dimogroup.net) 1.5%-4% for 4 weeks, TouchFunds (touchfunds.net) 1.8% for 45 days, LibertyPaying (libertypaying.com) 1.8% for 60 days, Profigames (profi-games.com) 108% after 12 hours, Morefunds (morefunds.net) 270% after 2 days, FirstMonetaryFund (first-money.org) 1.1% for 15 days, Inno-invest (inno-invest.com) 1.8% along 30 days, VopFund (vopfund.com) 22% daily for 5 days, ExperCompany (expercompany.com) 144% after 1 day, Client-money (client-money.com) 1.7% for 30 days, CavaPool (cavapool.com) 115% after 1 day,GoldenFxInv (goldenfxinv.com) 10% for 12 days, Long Profit (long-profit.com) 168% after 2 days, MacroTrading (macrotrading.org) 112.8% after 12 hours.

The following programs were compared on ECJ: OscarFunds (oscarfunds.com) vs. MidasGoldFund (midasgoldfund.com): Oscarfunds wins in 1 category only while Midasgoldfund wins in 2 categories. DailyWith (dailywith.com) vs. MoneyCashFund (moneycashfund.com): Dailywith wins in four categories while Moneycashfund does not win in any category. CarInvestment (car-investment.net) vs. BertonInvest (berton-invest.net): Car-investment wins in 3 categories whereas Berton-invest wins in 2 categories.

Be careful. Do not open letters from Valentina Izmailova, who acts by the name of Google team, one of users reported that his LR account was hacked and money was stolen, be careful not to press any buttons inside mails which were sent by unverified addresses. We receive more and more complaints on ExtraIncome (exincome.com). Of course complaints still do not mean a scam, but if to remember the story with Forexcompanyonline (forexcompanyonline.com)... which meanwhile spreads provocative letters to its clients with an impudent offer to return their deposit after creating a new one. So, they have lost investors' money and now offer you to deposit some more in order to get YOUR money back. Stay cool, no proves that it is not another scam!

Events. Admin of MidasGoldFund (midasgoldfund.com) was interviewed on one of the prominent blogs. KlickWallet's (klickwallet.com) review on hyipblogger. AssetManagement (safeasset.com) presented the site on Spanish and English as it was promised before. Also 2 new plans were launched $10-$10,000 2.5% for 365 days and investing a sum which will be more than $10,000 3% for 365%. Silverdigger (silverdigger.com) experiencing some problems with their online chat, also admin has informed that he is blackmailed with a demand to pay or the program will face uncomplimentary criticism on forums. FondosMayores (fondosmayores.net) shows nice results, 300 new clients in the past 3 days. Also in the latest newsletter admin talk out the topic of the back office, withdrawals and reminds members about site's features. GainBucks (gainbucks.com) recently added a new plan paying a very sustainable return of 12%-18% for 10 calendar days with no principal returned. FxCambier (fxcambier.com) also is on the run, the program has recently reached 1750 member mark and pays for over 2,5 months. LionFunds (lionfunds.net) launched the French phone support line, await for new surprises soon, also HYIP has informed of holidays and accordingly non-profitable days for members on Feb 11 and Feb 21. Walwex (walwex.com) new plans have been added, I'd better say everything was changed.

Good News. A live-chat of FxCambier (fxcambier.com) has been repaired and is back to online mode.

Closures. AccessTomorrow (accesstomorrow.net) has stopped paying and is considered to be the scam. Almost the same story with SportBroks (sportbroks.com), but with the only difference that the program has never paid for 2 weeks of existence. The surprise did not happen after the debut circle ended up. Berton-invest (berton-invest.net) was closed after just 5 days online. West-wood (west-wood.biz) seems to be finished.

Emoney. New deposit options from GreenBackShares (greenbackshares.com) now you can invest via PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay as well. Silverdigger (silverdigger.com) is planing soon to add Alertpay and Global Digital Pay. TradePrise (tradeprise.com) made another surprise for investors by adding some more options to the list of accepted payment processors - Web Money and Bank Wire. Car-investment (car-investment.net) which used to accept LR&PM now added AlertPay.

Bonuses and Contests. 1AUTOPAY (1autopay.com) decided to extend the promotional bonus program due to its popularity, over 300 new investors participated and got their 50% bonus, there were some 57 luckies who even got the lucky "9". The promotion will last one more week, hurry up.

Promises. Flaxtalk soon will integrate an Android App and video chat possibility, also Lea has promised that FlaxExchange will have a script unseen in the HYIP world. FxCambier (fxcambier.com) almost everything is ready to launch Bank Wire as the new payment option. LionFunds (lionfunds.net) promising soon to enable the French version of the site.

HYIP Blogs. Frank, the author of HBI published a new article named Why are you Frustrated by HYIP Scams? The solution Regarding his multiyear experience of successful investing, Frank defined three main problems because of which a HYIP investors have regrets. Here they are:

  1. You were new to online HYIPs and you blindly believed their guaranteed income lies ;
  2. You put all your eggs in the same basket ;
  3. You started to earn a nice weekly income and you then let your emotions ( and greed ) take over you, breaking your good timing

How to fight them, read on HBI blog.

Agents Reports: One of our readers has informed us that a program Vipforex (vipfx.biz) is not paying. Our reader has lost $500 already by investing in the project and warns everyone not to make the alike mistake. VipForex (vipfx.biz) is not paying.

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