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Hyip Monitor
The HYIP Information Survey 35 published by Nicole Berger on March 15, 2011 is given below, you can see the detailed information about HYIP industry

Reviewed period: 03/11/2011 - 03/14/2011

The review contains about 32 sources, including agents from HYIPNews.com Agency

Just launched or mentioned in a review/interview projects:

  • ForexTradingTeam 2% for 200 days
  • ExoticFX 1% for 120 days
  • Inno-Invest 1.8% for 30 days
  • Betting-finance (betting-finance.com) 1.7% for 15 days
  • OilFinanciers (oilfinanciers.com) 1.6% for 10 days
  • ArchitectonicInvestment (architectonic-inv.com) 2% for 50 days
  • HyipBomb (hyipbomb.ru) 2% after 1 day
  • FIPmaker (fipmaker.com) 120% after 1 day
  • Forex7 (forex7.org) 40% for 5 days
  • BankOfPanama (bank-of-panama.com) 122% after 1 day
  • RockLandFunds (rocklandfunds.net) 105% after 7 days
  • ArchitectonicInv (architectonic-inv.com) 2% for 50 days
  • Gamewin (gamewin.biz) 1% for 25 days
  • Int-Dream (int-dream.com) 4% for 40 days
  • FinansePro (finansepro.com) 1.4% for 120 days
  • UniversalMoneyTrader (universalmoneytrader.com) 5.4% for 48 hours
  • RoomFund (roomfund.com) 25% for 5 days
  • IFACUK (ifacuk.com) 104-128% after 1day
  • Pinvest (pinvest.net) 2-3% for 10 days

The following programs were compared on ECJ: UCapital (ucapital.tv) vs. Denxon (denxon.com): Ucapital and Denxon are equal since both investment programs win in 3 categories each. However, Ucapital has been running for almost four months now while Denxon was started about two weeks ago. BestProfitInv (bestprofitinv.com) vs. GreenCashFund (greencashfund.com): Bestprofitinv wins in 2 categories whereas Greencashfund does not win in any category.

Events. OilCapital (oil-capital.com) introduced a new short term plan - 120% after 10 days with the minimum amount of $50 and the maximum amount of $25,000. Despite a newsletter in which the admin of DenXon (denxon.com) said that they had been working on a new short-term plan, in the latest one it was already said that there would be none in the nearest future. ViscoCorp (viscocorp.com) does not think the same way as the competitor and so the program has recently introduced a new investment plan offering 7% for 180 days with $100 as the minimum to be invested. At the end of the investment period you will get 1260% of total return. SparkMetals (sparkmetals.com), a brand new program gives several advantages of joining a plan which offers 2.5% daily for 120 days with principal returned on expiry. You can get into it for a $10 as the minimum. And if you have already joined the program, the admin would be glad you to post payment proofs and to vote on forums. The admin of Agromatica speaks of Super referral program which the program offers and gives the first results of the poll they are currently holding.

AMFLimited has released a video update which is available on Youtube. Inno-Invest has introduced SMS service for members interested in the hot news from the project. FxCambier is horrified by the disaster in Japan and offers to provide a help to citizens of suffered regions by making a donation. MidasGoldFund has almost reached the mark of 2000 active investors. ExoticFX added a new chart: The chart shows the daily profits, or losses, of combined trades returned each day. Investpanama (investpanama.biz) has installed SSL encryption from Comodo. OilTreasure (oiltreasure.com) is now operating faster and function more efficiently cause administration has decided to upgrade and change the server to Blockdos.

Problems. As our website is under DDOS attack, our security system bans many IPs. So if you cant access ForexTradingTeam, feel free to send us e-mail with your IP. We will white-list your IP so you can access the website again., - taken from ForexTradingTeam newsletter. WallStreetCompany reported that programs AlertPay account is temporary blocked. Money-pulse (money-pulse.net) has sent a warning letter, in which the admin of the program tells about the recent problems with API on Liberty Reserve, instant withdrawals are temporary disabled. Also the admin asks to mail him (admin@money-pulse.net) if you have had any withdrawals issues. FxPowerPro did some maintenance with a module on their LR account, thats why Liberty Reserve account was off for a couple of hours. InvestPlatforms (investplatforms.com) is not paying for more than 72 hours. Another program which has started to pay selectively during this week is Capital-Initial (capital-initial.com)

Good News. The problem with AlertPay account of ReProFinance is solved, deposits and withdrawals are opened again for all the investors.

Promises. ExoticFX is planning to add two new payment options, which are direct Bank deposits and SolidTrustPay. The admin of recently collapsed EuropeInv (europe-inv.net) is promising to discharge liabilities as for pending withdrawals Our website is now offline, but the good news is that we started refunds. If you have active deposit or/and pending withdrawal send me your LR, PM or AP number and amount invested.

Closures. Oscarfunds (oscarfunds.com) has been reported to be the scam, the site is not operating, while the admin continues to send newsletters.

Bonuses and contests. A cash contest sponsored by ExoticFX has been started. To win you need to give answers on daily questions, if your answer is consider to be right, you will be credited with a $5 cash prize which is paid to your LibertyReserve account. The contest is held on a famous HYIP related blog, where you have to be among active participants to join the quiz. HyipBomb (hyipbomb.ru) soon after opening, the program has released a news about a contest on the best referral, the prize is 10% from the deposit.

HYIP blogs. An article dedicated to a well-known HYIP - SafeDepositary was released on HBI. The author tells us about the strange promotion which the program provides recently and that it can be simply the first signs of a soon scam. (http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/03/10/safe-depositary-scam-just-imagine/)

Agents reports. One of our agents has reported that not so widely known program EarnSphere (earnosphere.com) has problems with AlertPay account, the admin asks to create LR or PM account in order to be paid. Heres the text of the letter which our agent received: The AlertPay account we have been using for the deposit and withdrawal transactions, has been put on hold due to unknown reasons. I haven't missed or delayed a single payout so far, and all payout were made within a maximum of 12 hours till now, even though in the FAQs, I have stated that all payments will be processed within 24 hours. It is most likely that the AlertPay authorities did it so, due to the complaints sent in by the bad poster/voter who has been trying to spoil the reputation of EarnoSphere for the past one week... All members who had made a deposit to the previous AlertPay account of EarnoSphere, must tell us LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney account for withdrawals their profits. If you don`t have LR or PM account, please create it.

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Nicole Berger has over seven years experience writing and editing for online and print media. She has held various editor and associate editor positions in some of forefront independent media publications. A consistently dependable team player, I thrive in a high-pressure environment, enjoy the challenges of meeting deadlines and managing a team, and am comfortable researching, writing and editing on a wide range of topics.
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