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Hello our dear readers! Today we have quite an unusual article for you. The thing is that it is written by your “college” an online...

Hello our dear readers! Today we have quite an unusual article for you. The thing is that it is written by your “college” - an online investors and our very active reader whose name is SteveyJ. He has very interesting thoughts to share and his article is written in a very fascinating way. Please, spend some time and read it. I promise you won't regret :)

When is a scam not a scam?

Hello everybody. My name is Ivor Scammon . I've noticed before that not many of you worry about such things, so don't feel too troubled. I think you will particularly like these impressive long complicated words that I have used to convince you that my team really do know what we are talking about and that you, dear investor, should not trouble yourself worrying about such things..leave it all to us, the experts. After all, we have been doing this for years, which must be true because I've just told you.

I'm sorry I don't have an office but that's because I want to save you money by not having high overheads. I simply want to be able to plow all the profits back into your account.

I did have trouble thinking up a name that would accurately describe the type of investment company I run, but instead I had a good look round a lot of previous HYIPs to see what most of you liked and came up with 'FXgoldprofit' ....
Got a nice ring to it don't you think? I know many of you are quite taken with the name of a HYIP ... - and 'FX 'is always a good one to include. 'Gold' sounds nice, rich and solid doesn't it ? And we all like to see something about 'profit' mentioned don't we ? Actually, it's a bit subliminal but it works ! Trust me ! Please !

When you get near to the first end of term payout date, you will be pleased to know that I will be offering you a VERY good special investment plan that if you get in quick and send me lots of money REALLY quickly, then you can have even better dreams of what you will be able to spend your vast wealth on.

Anyway, must dash. there's some compounded rather large payouts due any day now and I've got a rather pressing appointment in the ether. Also I have some other HYIPs to set up . Sorry if I don't get back to you.....

P.S. Read the second part of the story tomorrow.

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