Updated: 06/29/2011 09:56
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Yesterday we informed you about an update from NEO Progress concerning LibertyReserve problems (read here ) and today two more projects report on the...

Yesterday we informed you about an update from NEO Progress concerning LibertyReserve problems (read here) and today two more projects report on the same problem. Because of technical issues with Shopping Cart Interface admins have to manually add new deposits. The first announcement came from MacroTrade (

“Due to technical problems of Liberty Reserve we are forced to proceed all incoming transfers manually. As this process requires some time to be spent by our operators, status of your deposits can be updated with a small delay. We hope that Liberty Reserve will find a solution soon with Shopping Cart Interface and we will work again in the regular order. We apologize for possible inconvenience occurred.”

The second program that is also experiencing inconvenience because of LibertyReserve's problems is AGS Trade ( The administration of this project informs about similar problem. Here is an official update from them:

“Liberty Reserve Shopping Cart Interface (SCI) experiencing some technical problems, so instant deposit may not work for new investments. But we will do our best to add deposits manually as soon as we get any. If you deposited via Liberty Reserve and it not appears in your active investment section, then please contact our support department and they will add it right away. We are sorry for inconvenience, but it is not from our end.”

Please, keep this information in mind and follow the instructions provided in these updates if you decide to make a deposit in MacroTrade and AGSTrade before the problem is solved by LibertyReserve.

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