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We received a newsletter from a project called HITnRUN Masters (hitnrunmasters.com). Those who still don’t know about this program, should...

We received a newsletter from a project called HITnRUN Masters (hitnrunmasters.com). Those who still don’t know about this program, should definitely read its presentation published here. So here it is:

“August is a hard time. Many programs, many popular programs are struggling, they are tired, weakening and not wanting to face another holiday season later this year. They are making their escape now. Despite what some may think, the escape IS NOT INSTANT, if the admin wants to keep the money. The escape is a slow process of routing funds in a way that they are not confiscated.”

In the next part the administration of the program most likely comments on the situation with a closed project UnicornInv (I believe they misspelled its name and called it Unicorns). They see the reasons of a closure in the following way:

“If you could see Unicorns account history, you would see that they have been moving funds for the last 3 months in increasingly larger and larger amounts until they had less in their accounts than the last days withdraws. So they closed. But alas, all good programs must come to an end. We would like to thank the Unicorn Admin for his long running and highly profitable program. This admin was allowed to keep the vast majority of his funds by the payment processors and exchangers. Not all but most.”

In the next part it is informed that HITnRUN Masters keeps growing and that it is a stable program that is chosen by many investors. It is also promised that the project will operate for a long time (which is always promised by admins):

“Many members are finding the insight we are delivering as well as the stability of our program a refreshing and rewarding change from the rhetoric and uninspired average BS delivered by the Admins bastardizing this industry. We continue to attract an increasing number of new members everyday as well as increasing levels of deposits. There are many good programs out there and our returns are awesome. We will continue to make good money for our members and ourselves well into 2013 if not far beyond.”

The newsletter ends with informing that some popular programs are about to close and of course, HITnRUN Masters will make profit out of it:

“Please pay close attention to what has been, is, and will be happening to the programs you are currently involved in as, AGAIN, there are several very popular programs that are already involved in their exit strategies and the signs are there for those that look. HITnRUNMasters can help you by handling your HYIP investments in the one-stop-shopping feature of our 'ONE PLAN'. By Investing with HITnRUNMasters you not only make a good, reliable and ever increasing return but you assist us in Taking Out the HYIP trash!”

Well, it is up to you which conclusions to make regarding the real aims of the administration of this project and it is up to you whether to make a deposit in it or not. My advice for you not to be disappointed in case it closes – treat it as a usual HYIP and do not think that there is something special behind this project.

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